Classic Side Updo – What I Wore to the Indashio Show

Products I used:
Hot Tools1″ Curling Iron
Mariana Bobby Pins
Rat Tail Comb

What I’m wearing:

Shirt: Forever 21
Earrings: Forever 21
Necklace: Little Black Bag
Nails: Butter London Wallis and West End Wonderland

Blush: Benefit Coralista Blush
Highlight: Hard Candy Bronzer in Tiki
Eyes: Naked 2 Palette and Inglot
Mascara: Tarte Lights Camera Action Mascara
Lips: Loreal Merino Mauve


  1. She has a braid tutorial! that's how I learned, it has french, dutch, fishtail, three-strand, four-strand, and five-strand braids 😀

  2. this one really looks like it is made by a hairdresser,thanks for making it I will try it

  3. Bobby pins don't stay like that in my hair!!

  4. I did this on myself, and I loved it. I can do all the looks you propose to us, but not all of them look great on me. Well, this was amazing! Thank you so much, it will be one on my favourites from now on! 🙂 Kisses from Italy

  5. you are gorgeous! It's a great hairstyle, but I don't think I can do it.

  6. Oh yes, the only "hard" part for me was that I have my hair parted on the opposite side… S I had to "turn" everything!

  7. I love this updo! I wore it one morning I was bored and didn't know what to do with my hair and it turned uut beautiful! I had to come back and watch a couple of passages again, but it was quite easy in the end1!Great hairstyle Kayley! Thank you!

  8. haha this is cute but i can't tell if it's fake or not

  9. Kayleigh (I think that's how you spell your name), I know that I'm only 11 but if you need a stylist for your wedding day, I'm totes available. I know most people will hate this comment, but I'm pretty good and I really want to help make this the best day of your life! PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND UNLESS YOU ARE LETSMAKEITUP1

  10. You say 'go ahead' a lot. But I luv the hairstyle

  11. this is gabriel dominguez sister daisy..hehe

  12. OMG..i wore this hairstyle everyone loved it[so did i]..i got soooo many complements..thanx for such a wonderful hairstyle.

  13. why the hell do i think this is the funniest video of all

  14. apparently two is a word? …it is..isnt it? i dont get it…lol

  15. Do you think I would be able to do this with a little more than shoulder length hair? D:

  16. i don't understand those people who vote "I don't like" on this video!!!! How is it possible? you're great and this hairstyle is gorgeous!!!! simply amazing! Thank you so much :))

  17. you're too pretty, all the time 🙂

  18. So pretty!!! And just in time for picture day, too!

  19. This looks so pretty and pretty hard to do.

  20. girl you need to get yourself to hollywood and be a celebrity hairstylist, you'd make a killing! there is no way in hell i'd be able to do this on myself, you make it look really easy. but seriously your updo's/hairstyles in general are always unique. i hope you make this your profession, or at least somehow make money doing this..b/c you're so talented!

  21. omg, soooo complicated… There is no way I could copy that :-/

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