Cold Weather Outfit #1 for WInter & Fall

This is one out of a few styling segments I will be doing for cold days. I want to be able to focus on one outfit at a time. This way I can give you a short and simple breakdown on each layer. I want you to understand why and how I pick out what I’m wearing.

Sometimes 45 degree can feel pretty warm with sunny skies and no wind chills. However this day, the wind was piercing!

Outfit details:
Guess coat
Gap sweater
H&M pants and knit beanie
Zara shoes
Celine Bag


  1. i dont understand why is this video age restricated??

  2. It's very nice to see a fashion video for colder weather that actually considers… well, the COLD. XD I find that a lot of fall and winter fashion vids on youtube seem to be from warmer climates.

  3. Y is this age restricted ?

  4. I really like the yellow thermal/sweater!

  5. A pop of color is always essential

  6. 45 degree weather? Lol in Minnesota that's warm! People wear short shorts and sun dresses here when its 45 degrees!XD no offense, I love your videos and you have amazing style(:

  7. Could you please give me the name of your coat? I am searching it over net for a long time .

  8. Hello! I'm Ryan.I did -25 lbs in 2 weeks.Go to

  9. black and yellow my friend. Is my fav color combo (:

  10. Where on earth do u get 45 degree weather?

  11. can you make a few more of these? i'm going to new york over winter and it will be freezing.

  12. In the first outfit she wore pumps because she knew she wouldn't be out side very much that day… do Americans wear their shoes in their house? 😮

  13. @Hanabanabobana its not fake. I have that same bag as hers and its boston smile.

  14. cute video but where I live it gets to be around -25 so this would not work…

  15. hey!can u tell me the size of your bag?

  16. the often I watch this…the more I love this outfit. You´re great Ann…

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