Cute Braided Updo for Short or Long Hair

This is great for short hair, but can be done on long hair as well. I think it’s great for a cute day, but it could be dressed up as well.


  1. her tutorial music really reminds me of sims bustin out

  2. In this video you remind me of Kelly Martin.

  3. you have lost so much weight since this, Kailey! You are always beautiful though.

  4. amazing i tried … and it really worked

  5. Darn girls who don't have to use mirrors….so jelly…

  6. I have too much hair to deal with it by myself -.-

  7. i have two questions are the doctor's gonna be able to sew my arms back on after this because they FUCKING FELL OFF! And how can you do this on short hair

  8. omg so proud I did it and with no mirror:D it looks gorgeous

  9. me too…im growing it out now

  10. What is the name of that song?!

  11. you really should get a new song for your videos. lol

  12. This looks so cute! I'm going to try it!

  13. I've been doing this hairstyle for like 7 years 😉

  14. wow this looks so hard! I have to try that tomorrow! Lovely hairstyle!

  15. WOW THIS IS SOOO GOOD!!! Definitely going to try it! Thanks! x!

  16. Wow, this looks so good! I'm definitly going to try this. Thanks!

  17. Me gustan mucho tus videos!!!! 😀

  18. Oh god I've done it today and I'm having a lot of complements and many of the girls stopped me and ask me about this hairstyle!!!

    Thanks a million & I'm a big fan of yours <3

  19. thank you so much! i cant wait to learn so i can do this beautiful hairstyle 🙂

  20. its basically a french braid. you know when you french braid, the braid kind of goes "in" like it weaves in, but instead for the dutch braid, your weaving your hear "out". you can do that by just french braiding your hair inside out.. if you didnt follow anything i said, just search "how to dutch braid" and there will be 1,023 tutorials (:

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