Day To Night Makeup Look | Jordan Lipscombe

Hey you, so this is my take on a easy day to night makeup look, transforming an everyday look into something a little more dramatic and night time appropriate! i hope you all like it!


Any requests for future videos I would love to know
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Thank you!! x


  1. I love Jordans makeup and style taste new babe!!!!!!!!!!

  2. What lens and camera do you use?

  3. what brand is this foundation? 🙂

  4. THAT NAIL COLOUR ?? do you know what colour that is and brand on your nails???

  5. omg you are sooo go Gurlllllll?

  6. ^^i love you, i realy enjoied in this vedaio

  7. I think the bronzer is way too dark tbr

  8. Can u do an every day drugstore look

  9. your lashes are amazing?? its insane!!!??

  10. what is the name of that lipstick color?

  11. your lashes are so long before you even applied the false ones I thought you had the lash extensions!

  12. Les français vous etes ou

  13. how old are you ?You are so lovely

  14. So pretty ❤️ but no offense she wears a lot of make up (no hate!) and she looks orange at the begging again.. no hate! But ily tho !

  15. is it the lighting or in the beginning she looked yellow…?

  16. I think the color you use is too dark. Your skin came out looking like you had a kind of bad spray tan.

  17. What do you use to keep your face so clear ??

  18. Omg I loveeeeee your videos so muchh! Your so amazing at makeup!!. Btw what camera do you use???

  19. Omg your are absolutely gorgeous like you are one of my fav youtuber xxxxxx❤️❤️❤️??????

  20. you deserve so much more subscribers!! you're wonderful!

  21. Trust me, few women look good without make up and you are one of them, no need to much.

  22. Want your hair so badly????❤️❤️❤️

  23. What foundation shade are you wearing in this loreal foundation??

  24. Wow you wear a lot of make up but you are beautiful

  25. i actually love the night makeup xx your sooooo good at makeup?

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