Demi Lovato’s Braided Crown from the X Factor Auditions

This is the hairstyle I wore in my last video and got so many requests for :).


  1. You should do this hairdo again since u are a blonde now!

  2. We are looking for Haloxtensions models 🙂

  3. This look so difficult to do, my hair is fairly thin and very straight and only a few inches past my shoulders, it would never work on me but maybe I'll beg one of my friends to let me experiment this hairstyle on them. This hairstyle is so pretty by the way

  4. Dis hairstyle is pretty but REALLY hard when you got THICK hair! 🙁

  5. Beautiful hairstyle but this is the worst hair tutorial ever, sorry

  6. I'm gonna try it! Love the way it looks, even tho it seems a little hard

  7. Your hair is beautiful! I love the color! 🙂

  8. Do ur nails always match ur outfit?

  9. this is soooo pretty <3
    I probably have to watch this video a hundred times before I success

  10. so helpful, thank you 🙂

  11. I'll try it tomorrow. If I'm no longer aggressive. 

  12. what color hair you have? love it 🙂

  13. My hair is really thick, so whenever I try doing this the bobby pins always fall out 🙁

  14. oh now i regret cutting my hair into a bob (but i love it so so much and looks so much better on me…)
    this hairstyle is something extremely beautiful. When i had a waist long hair i did hairstyles like this but never from this much braids i used 3 i guess… :))
    i'm gonna try this out on my "sis" :))

  15. this is by far one of my favorite looks you've done. just beautiful!

  16. I loved this hair style. When I did this, throughout the day, I had a lot of flyways that made it looked like I slept in braids, advice?

  17. I love this haistyle. You're so talented! I have allready wore this hairstyle twice and my friends allways asks me how I did it. ?

  18. Ur face kind. Of looks like bridgit mendler but with Brown hair

  19. Your tuto is amazing !! Thanx
    May i ask u where do you buy ur shirt because it's amazing 🙂

  20. thank you for this, will be trying but i have a feeling it wont look as good as yours lol 

  21. I remember seeing her hair like this and thinking that it looked AMAZING, so I am totally stoked that you did a tutorial on it! 🙂 I'll have to see if I can recreate this one very soon! x

  22. so cute!! i bet your hair just looks INSANE when you take it out of these styles haha!

  23. so i attempted to do this but couldn't get the back braid to look right, i have extremely thick wavy long hair. So I put all the hair in the back in a bun and just wrapped the front braids around it and it think it still looks pretty cool 🙂 I would say I'm pretty hair challenged but I have defiantly improved thanks to your videos 🙂

  24. Love this hair style but, can you do some hair styles for shorter hair? 

  25. U r SO beautiful) and I love ur videos and ur hair

  26. Put them in wiggly side down. Also, grab the hair with the pin and then twist it so you can't see the pin and it'll hold better.

  27. I love this hairstyle but don't have the patience or skill to do it 🙁

  28. I also have thick hair and one bobby pin doesn't hold in my hair at all. It helps adding another bobby pin above the one you used, creating an X. Make sure not to use flat ones, or they won't hold at all.

  29. What kind of bobby pins do you use? I can never get mine to hold! Also, I have kind of thick hair.

  30. I did it! But mine looks a little different still pretty though 🙂

  31. Can you just do my hair for me? That really is hard. xD

  32. Do some short hair updos, please!

  33. I'm doing this for picture day tomorrow!

  34. I just did this, but since I dont have highlights nor hombre my braids look blugh… also I got a LOT of fly aways…. Any tips? Anyone?

  35. How were your arms not falling off at the end of this video??

  36. You take the remaining hair that you left down from the 3 sections you had clipped away and then fishtail.
    You can split your hair in half and then do two fishtail braids on either side of your head with the remaining hair from the bottom and connect both the fishtail braids at the top of your head!!(:
    I hope this made since, i did the two fishtails on my sister cause she has shorter hair too and it turned out great!(:

  37. i was able to do this yay! after 30 mins i guess haha

  38. I'm sorry but I can't figure how many hair do you take to do the fishtail braid ?
    Another question : my hair are a little bit short to go all over with the fishtail, what can I do ?
    By the way thank you for everything you do, I follow you since a while and I'm really a fan of you 😉

  39. I know its over like but can u do a mini season on all the twilight sagas hairstyles?? Would mean a lot as I love them!! ? Xx

  40. Any chance you could do a tutorial on all different types of hair products like wax and sea salt spray and all stuff like that I see them on the shelf an stuff but don't know how to use them hellllppppp pleassseeee???!!!!! ?
    Love all your tutorials!!!!! ?

  41. I wish I was able to do my hair like such a disaster, even on braids 🙁 guys if you have a free moment please check out my new channel! xxx

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