Different Hair Colors Around the World

Guy Tang World Tour is gearing up for 2019! Confirmed cities – Brussels, Barcelona, Bologna, Zagreb, Orlando, Sydney, San Antonio and many more. Comment below where I should come next.

Get your Guy Tang #Mydentity colors and lighteners at Mydentitycolor.com or at Cosmoprof online and stores (US and Canada) and Armstrong McCall stores (US)


  1. Do you remember that hair trend where people are putting food in the hair to color it? What do my #Hairbesties think about it?

  2. Malaysia!!! Wish i can get my hair done by you, Guy!!! <3

  3. Wow!! Like watching a master artist wielding his brushes!! What beautiful canvases you create!!

  4. Oh my GOODNESS! I

  5. I always find your hair videos so relaxing to watch. ?

  6. You are King of hair ?????

  7. I'm glad the flamming hot cheeto thing was a joke, I was about to say you can't be serious ?!

  8. ╥﹏╥ i wish I could get my hair done by this beautiful man

  9. Gorgeous. Every single person in this video

  10. Love your work, sorry I missed you in Amsterdam !

  11. So beautiful. My favorite is the red, especially the deep dark red. Can't wait to see where else you go. Thank you

  12. How does one become a hair model?

  13. Hartford Connecticut USA please

  14. I’d love to see more “natural” colors and any new trends there. I don’t see many people sporting the crazy fashion colors in NYC anymore. Maybe the younger high school kids who are experimenting but women in our 20’s and 30’s (and beyond) want something more down to earth. I love the naked line

  15. Can you pleaseeee make a video on how you create those messy wavy hairstyles?! Love it

  16. Come to Portugal!! My hair is a next level paranormal hairtivity and needs you!!

  17. Well, we need you in Honduras asap❤

  18. If you're in the UK give me a shout 🙂 xx

  19. ummmmm omg not sure what to make of that food in hair thing, remember when we were kids and did that coolaid in the hair? i loved that bright red, you know i still do ??how is Belgium? i know you have to be exhausted from being inside all day and night doing the hair show, but did you eat anything good that you wouldn't normally? wishing you were here, i want my granny bluish purple hair back that only you can do so i will have to wait until you come out this way??

  20. Guy, Belgium is not a city though. XD

  21. i would love to be your assistant omg so many colors.

  22. But but…în România………ship plsss QQ

  23. Some really gorgeous hair; but it’s GT so it’s always gorgeous ?

  24. I saw you put those cheetos in the sink and I was like what?! I LOVE that red though!!

  25. The thumbnail is obviously clickbait but it’s good clickbait bc I want context

  26. I want my hair done like this so bad… But I can't have no bleach to my scalp having psoriasis… What do you do when someone has that??

  27. Hey Guy, what products can you use on someone who has never dyed their hair?

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