Disney’s Ariel AND Aurora Hair tutorial

Because the way I wanted to do the waves were so similar for these two I decided to put them together into one video. I hope you like it!

What I used:
Mariana Bobby Pins
Synthetic Clip Ins
Bellami Belissima Hair Extensions
NuMe Titan 3


DIY Mermaid Tiara:
(I added pearls to the tips of my tiara and only used a few rhinestones in comparison to the original tutorial)


  1. Love this look ☺️ would love to have some real hair extensions one day but they are a little too pricey for me!

  2. Awww, I want hat type of curls FOR EVAH! And also, I wanna have Ariel's bangs too…. FOREVEAH!

  3. Aurora is my favourite princess

  4. Hola!  Would you be able to do Elena's hair style?  I love Elena of Avalor!  Gracias!

  5. I can't see the Ariel section

  6. My school dance was Disney themed and I used your aurora hairstyle if worked so well

  7. I thought ariel had straight hair that just flowed in the water

  8. I did both hairstyles and they so beautiful, the curls in your hair turned so pretty and when you brushed through. Thanks for showing me. ?

  9. Do you have any recommendations for people that live in Australia for hair extensions. The people you put there don't send to Australia and i was just wondering how good they were 🙂 thanks looks great by the way

  10. What I love about your Aurora hair style is that, yes it doesn't look just like the hair from the movie, but its a realistic take on the hair if it was live action. It's beautiful and I love it!

  11. What do you do for hair that does not hold a curl at all and just falls out in minutes? ? And for hait that when you brush out a curl it falls out? Mine, it has NEVER held a curl for more than 10 minutes and as soon as a brush touches the curls they come right out rather than staying and making waves. The only time my hair holds curls apart from the natural kinky ones it has when I don't relax/straighten it, is wen my hair dresser does the curls. 🙁

  12. You actually look a lot like aurora!

  13. You could work as a disney princess! : D

  14. :O can you do an wendy darling 1

  15. Please…I NEED a Snow White hair tutorial. 🙁

  16. mencanta porq es muy bonito i mencantaria tenerlo como ella

  17. you totally look like a Disney princess. no fair! haha

  18. I wish you would have done one tutorial at a time instead of going back and forth. I had smoke coming out of my ears because it was so confusing at first.

  19. what's the music called at the beginning of the video?

  20. you look so much like aurora i cant even

  21. Can you make a video of up dos with these bangs?

  22. You are so cool and I love how you explain the instructions coz it makes so much sense and is easy for people to understand

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