DIY Holiday Ornaments using NAIL POLISH!


  1. I love them all thank u for sharing

  2. very much enjoyed watching this .. I must try this .. for this year

  3. As soon as they start selling baubles I'm going to do 14 of the initial bauble to spell merry Christmas

  4. I adore the last one! it looks like a planet and I LOVE planets!

  5. The sparkly ornament with bells was my favorite.

  6. This was posted on my birthday!!???

  7. Hey guys ! ive just uploaded a tutorial on how to make your own nail polish ! please check it out and subscribe fore more <3

  8. What is your real name

  9. These are soo cute are look really easy and fun to make!! ❤

  10. These are so cute, and fun to make!

  11. You never said how time consuming swirling the polish is!

  12. Do you really use pure ice , i do

  13. Dude. These are awesome. Yussss

  14. Are u serious? You think her name is CUTEPOLISH??


  16. What do u do for the smell cause I don't want it to smell like nail polish in my house

  17. I can't wait till christmas there only 99 DAYS !!!???

  18. Like this comment if your favorite is the first one!!!

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