DIY Treats – Easy & Cute Christmas Trees & Reindeers

I’ve been loving these super cute and super easy to make DIY treats! Eat a cute reindeer head and a Christmas tree? Weird? No, it’s yummy! These DIYs are so easy to make and super cute for a holiday party or family get together. Since seeing these recipes online, I wanted to try them out. The Holiday season is in full gear so why not try them out now! I am very proud at how they turned out! Thank you Simplee Thrifty for the cute tree recipe!

Ann Le / Anneorshine


  1. I love your ideas i made some of them

  2. u cud use strawberry laces as tinsel rite Ann

  3. It's ok if I used oats instead of rice crispy

  4. Hey Hi ,

    I am Shruti and I am from India . I love all your videos and I simply adore you <3 Keep doing the good work!!

  5. your the best guru I knew after bet. ILYSM

  6. Oh shame! Your videos haven't been showing up in my sub box so I've missed out on a fair few! 🙁 oh well catch up time it is! (Even if it is after Christmas). Hope you had a lovely Christmas if you celebrate it, if not happy holidays, and seasons greetings 🙂 love from Australia

  7. ¡¡¡¡The Christmas Trees look to cute!!!!

  8. My cousin does not like peanut butter so we used Hershey instead of peanut butter cups.

  9. I havé a question: Will the dough' of the first treat still harden once the rice cornflakes ( :p ) are added? If they do what can I do to make them softer?

  10. When she put on the icing for the tree, I thought it was glue lol

  11. HELP, i bought the rice krispie treats already and totally forgot to get the cereal.. how can i add the food coloring on them, should i just pour the treats and heat them up until all are one…. get me? please reply ann..

  12. How come your rice crispy isn't sticky. When I made mine it was all sticking to my hands.

  13. She's so creative! I don't know how she manages to think of all of these original DIYs.

  14. They are really cute do more! ?

  15. The trees r soo cutoo! And ur hair looks fab here

  16. cho em hỏi cục màu trắng là gì vậy

  17. I want to try the Christmas Tree !!

  18. Are you still making more videos?? Can you do Christmas drinks? 🙂

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