Do This for 1 Minute, See What Will Happen to You

How to get rid of arm fat? Or, as it’s called colloquially, bat wings. It can be really hard. But cheer up! We collected some cool exercises you’ll ever need to tone up your arms and finally get rid of that jiggle.

This workout will be most effective when you add it to a cardio exercise. Remember that to see quick results, changing your diet to include more clean foods and less fatty foods will be necessary. Keep up the good work, and your arms will transform from flab to fit in no time.


  • Arm circles is a strengthening exercise. The longer you do it, the more you’ll feel it in your arms and upper back. Your shoulder blades are also getting a nice stretch from this move. You might even hear the fascia in your shoulder blades sliding and stretching.
  • The second move strengthens and sculpts your arms. It’s vital that you get started with weights that are light so that you can physically go through the full range of motion. If you are super-hardcore and advanced, you can do this with 2 dumbbells.
  • The triceps are the muscles that run between your shoulder and elbow, and it’s the largest muscle on your arms. Getting toned arms begins here!
  • You can’t do an arm workout without including the trusted push-up! This move is used so often for a good reason: It’s a killer when it comes to arm fat. Push-ups will target the pectorals and triceps.
  • When it comes to arm fat, your biceps need some love too. Renegade row is a great multi-joint move that will target your triceps, biceps, shoulders, and back.


  1. How many push-ups can you do in one set?

    Also, try these exercises for a rounder butt ?

  2. is the exercises for female only ? or it is for a male and female ? I just see all the exercises females no male perform the exercises ..
    I think you need male and female as models not just one genders = = = = = = = = equal .

  3. my face smirk automatically for every rotation i do in ccw arm circling.

  4. beat ur meat 20 times a day, see what happens

  5. The real answer to this question is nothing. Nothing will happen. At all guaranteed. Don't waste your time.

  6. elbows should not flare when doing pushups ?

  7. My arms are naturally just toned thanks Lord but my belly sure does take in all it wants amd more #flat tumy tries #struggles are real and #trying that apple cider thing #doesnt work #long live plastic surgery #??coming

  8. Great ! You should do more videos with exercises ! (it's just a suggestion) Thanks for the tips !

  9. Want to have beautiful triceps… ???

  10. the girl is doing pushups way wrong and looks like with her fitness she should be on her knees, also ricept extension the form is wrong,wrong wrong this needs to be fixed…… should keep it to the swirl move…can injure body with her form on most exercises, try elsewhere this is BAD

  11. For only 1 minute information they took 10 minutes of video

  12. Thanks for making this video @bright side I really need this

  13. what is the sequence or steps of exercise?

  14. Please make videos of 5 to 6 minutes.
    10 min. Videos are too long

  15. Push-ups demonstrated in this video will cause shoulder problems. Keep your arms close to your body with your elbows pointed back and not outward.



  18. I acnt do this shi# sorry 4 my language but on the warm up I cried cuz it hurted so bad I didn't use the water bottles

  19. Don't let video dent your self esteem, life isn't a fashion show,

  20. Omg gane look at this video evryday

  21. The push up is done wrong your arms need to bend 90 degrees

  22. Good luck with your new life today ha ?????

  23. What happens if you don’t have water bottles

  24. hiii bright side….. how to reduce shoulder size??? and how to get narrow shoulders??? so plz send video link

  25. Thanks so much, Bright side♡

  26. Do 3 sets of 20 -30 pushups every morning -you will notice an improvement within a week -it takes under a minute. My routine
    30 push-ups pour coffee -20 push-ups -brush teeth-20 push-ups get dressed
    DONE- enjoy your day?

  27. Also the flap on the belly it is madining to work so hard to end up feeling worse when you have a flap flopping all day.

  28. After you loose the weight is when you end up with the flap. How do you tighten the skin to reduce the swing/ the flap

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