Double Waterfall Downdo for Dummies! – Back to School Down Do’s #2

Products I used:
Mariana Bobby Pins

What I’m Wearing:
Shirt: Forever 21
Bracelet: Asos
Nails: Butter London Slapper

L’Oreal Dream Lumi Foundation W1-2
-Benefit Coralista Blush
-Naked Palette Two
-Tarte EmphasEYES Eyeliner
-Revlon Creamsicle Lip Butter


  1. This is nice you explained just right

  2. at the end, you cant see AT ALL what you are doing, which makes it even more "tricky".

  3. i waterfall both sides of my head and join them in the middle of the back of my head and braid down and then tie it with a band i think you should try it

  4. You are preventing me from doing my

  5. This looks amazing your videos are so helpful, if it wasn't for you I would have my hair in a pony tail everyday

  6. LOVED THIS! I've watched tons of how-to waterfall braid but yours is the only one that I tried that actually ended up halfway identifiable as a waterfall braid. I just have this problem when I braid that it ends up going down, down and down instead of going across my head! lol but anyways, LOVE your tutorial and much love, thanks! <3

  7. Did this today for my presentation!!! So easy!

  8. All of your videos make me regret cutting my hair 🙁 it's taking FOREVER to grow out…

  9. But if you had straight hair you'd be wishing for curly hair.

  10. so beautiful of a job you did with this! well done! it looks beautiful

  11. Waterfall downdo for dummies is harder than a normal waterfall braid.

  12. I like this style a lot! I wasn't a huge fan of how the hanging braid looked with my hair (mine is very thick and curly) so I braided just an inch or so, tucked it under the waterfall, and pinned it underneath. You can't figure out where it ends!

  13. i love it!! so beautiful!! im so going to try it ..I will need alot of practice though!!

  14. I am so jealous of your curly hair, most hairstyles look so much better with it!

  15. thats not true in many of her videos she says that it looks amazing on straight or curly hair

  16. That was soooooooooooo confusing for me to follow

  17. That's exactly how I feel!! I have shoulder length (well, it's shoulder length when curly) tight corkscrew/botticelli/corkicelli curls and it's soooo hard to do things to 🙁 I keep watching these videos though because I have friends blessed with straight hair, so I help 'em out with their bad hair days.

  18. she is the one who only shares idea on youtube, not attention seeker, thanks for being on youtube 🙂

  19. Don't worry about that. I have very thick and curly hair too and I always put a little bit of water on my hair before and it is so helpfull.

  20. Don't be depressed about this. I have very curly hair and all the tutorials can be done. It is just harder but it is possible. I always put a little bit of water thanks to a spray bottled, it helped me a lot. Good luck.

  21. same! i understand my hair is soo curly and a lot of hair styles work 🙁

  22. Omg I loveeeee this look! Sooo simple got it on the first try!! I have trouble doing my hair where I can't see it so it did it maybe a bit over a forth of my head (2braids like you) and connected them with one braid soooo cute

  23. I tried it but it failed three times already… I'm gonna try it again! I like the turtorials by the way!

  24. how fast did you learn how to braid at the back of your hair? i have the feeling that i do the right thing and when i check my hairstyle, i'm a total mess. it doesn't even stay like that. i have a very thick hair, bur shorter than that a side bride looks like a small fat messy braid. any advice? 🙁

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