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Christmas is almost here, we have just the dessert recipes to get started, learn how to make these delicious treats with this recipe video from so yummy

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  1. I tried making dulce de leche but it was a complete fail the condensed milk exploded in my microwave

  2. The first one looks like dog food

  3. Can someone tell me what is Dulce De Leche

  4. I made all dessert it came very yummy ????

  5. They used a whole can of condensed milk which is very unhealthy unsuscribe if you think this channel is unhealthy

  6. น่ากิน

  7. Only cookies & cakes not ice creams

  8. Can you give me the list of the things you generally use to make cookies & cakes pls……………………..! I want to make cookies & cakes ………….thankyou

  9. Dulce de leche Flan
    Warm Dulce de leche
    Dulce de leche lava cake
    Dulce de leche chocolate cup
    Dulce de leche Popcorn tart

  10. I love it !!!

  11. Finally a recipe for dulce de leche that does not take 2 hours

  12. Que lindos ameiiiiii❤❤❤

  13. Dulce de leche ne demek?
    I am Turkish ?

  14. It will not turn into dulce de leche???

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