Easy Heatless Beachy Waves : Favorite Hairstyle of the Month!

Hope you guys liked it! I always feel like a mermaid with these waves. Next video will go up on Thursday :).

Products used:
It’s a 10 Miracle Leave in Treatment + Keratin
Kenra Nutrient Rich Styling Foam
The Wet Brush

FTC: I purchased all of the products in this video. This video is not sponsored. Also, I love you guys :D.


  1. i did this last night and hadn't even watched this!! i saw ur waves were the same as mine so i decided to watch and it was the same!!!! YAY

  2. i like this! its really short and brief. i don't like it when other beauty gurus just talk going on and on about nothing that has to do with the actual topic. This was great!!

  3. you sort of remind me of Bridget Mendler i think thats her nameXD

  4. I usually do french braids on each side,

  5. Does this work on naturally curly hair

  6. Hola soy de Perú, me gusta tus videos pero no lo entiendo mucho porfa, pon subtitulos :DDD

  7. I can't French Braid! No matter how hard I try I just can't do it and it annoys me

  8. You look like Bridgit Mendler

  9. I love the style but my hair is super thick and is still damp when i take it out of the braid in the morning. the style also doesn't stay in when i dry my hair before hand 🙁

  10. My natural hair is really similar to this, but mine's a little curlier. You look awesome though.

  11. Great tip but could you talk slowly lol ..kinda rambling there 😉

  12. It's so difficult! ? Step 1 is to hard to do it for me! ? I have no idea how you can braid your hair in the beginning! ? It's just.. impossible! ? I'm already trying it for like an hour! And more. ?

  13. You look a bit like Lindsay Lohan!!! I mean before she did drugs lol

  14. i tried this but i think my hair is to short to get the pretty waves

  15. You are SO SO pretty omg do my hair for me pls (x

  16. That's how my hair naturally looks and I HATE it. Why would you want your hair like that? :C The grass is always greener I guess.

  17. why does the prettiest hairstyle have to be the hardest to do T-T

  18. you amaze me how you can hold your arms up the whole time you are braiding your hair. I had to give mine multiple breaks. lol

  19. You are the doppelganger of Bridget Mendler omg

  20. you realy look like jennifer lawrence
    i found you on instagram and i like you 🙂
    sorry for bad Englich…
    merry christmas and
    wishes from jennifer

  21. I tried this style this past weekend and it worked so well I'm doing it again tonight! This will definitely become a go-to style for me!

  22. I love your hair color! What did you tell your hairstylist to do to get your hair like that??

  23. Mine hair normally looks really terrible and kinky after I french braid it overnight. I even tried to loosen the bottom half of the braid. Any advice?

  24. Guys where on earth did u get that shirt its AMAZING. Dasinga

  25. I used to check your channel religiously but I haven't had much time since I started high school and I have just been braiding my hair practically every day and I come back a year later and it's your favorite hairstyle of the month! haha

  26. I realllyyyy really love how you don't blab at the start of your videos. I think EVERY OTHER GIRL who's doing makeup/hair tutorials blab SO MUCH. Half of the time in their videos are just full of blabbing. Seriously. So thank you (: and also your tips are useful haha

  27. فكرت فيها قبل ماشوف الفيديو حقش لوول

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