Easy Heatless Curls Tutorial

Products I used & where to find them:
Foam bun maker:
-I found mine by searching “bun maker” on ebay. I got 8 for $3 (but the shipping takes a few weeks 🙁 ).
-Local beauty supply stores

Mesh Bun Maker:
Local beauty supply stores
OR you can use socks (they’re the cheapest and easiest to find :)!)
Spray bottle
-drugstore or mass market stores (target, walmart etc)
-I mean basically…anywhere 😉
Hair Brush

Something to Add Hold
-I forgot to mention: If your hair holds a curl well, you don’t have to worry about adding a gel, mouse, or spray, because your hair will hold the curl without the help


  1. She looks like Lindsay Lohan circa 2003

  2. Watches video
    Me: Ooh! I'm going to try this!
    Does the whole process
    Me: Meh…
    Goes to sleep
    Next morning…
    Me: Time to take out my hair!
    Takes out hair

    Me: This looks like crap

  3. you look like lindsay lohan and i have a crush on you why are girls so beautiful and amazing

  4. Hey Kaylee Melissa, I would really love to see you do a tutorial with Conair hot sticks.

  5. I love all of the curls

  6. it's not bad but i find putting extra spray tangles my thin hair so i just put water to dampen and after i put a bit of argan oil on the tips and curls bounces better

  7. She says "go ahead" so many times. Three times in 10 seconds at 3:40.

  8. you look pretty plus the for the video

  9. I don't cut up the socks I just twist them and that's the only thing I do differently

  10. I have natural, loose curls, but sometimes I wished they would curl more uniformly. So I try heatless curl methods to help them along. To date, this is the ONLY method I have tried that works with my hair. I just did it last night and am so happy with the results! Usually when I try these techniques, my hair is just a frizzy mess when i let it down in the morning, but not this time. Definitely using again.

  11. oh my god, you're so cute :33333

  12. have u tried the cocoon curl methed


  14. You may buy on aliexpress more cheaper Thank also for thé tuto thank you♥

  15. It's kinda difficult to do for me.. it just can't hold longer.

  16. Can you also just make 4 buns without a bun maker?

  17. She looks like Lindsay Logan when she was good and don't look like a wanna be Miley Cyrus

  18. Omg I was gonna say the same exact thing you do look like linsay Lohan from her mean girl days before her drug addicts

  19. Hey Kayley Melissa, your tutorial videos are great, keep up the good work!
    Do you have any suggestion to soften hair naturally? My hair is so tough and straight, i can never get it to stay curly more than 2 hours. Even with your method it won't last until 5pm.  Aside from spraying insane amount of hair gel, or a perm, is there another way?

  20. We're do u get the net ones

  21. where did you get that pink brush?

  22. Wher do you even get that thing that' she put in her head

  23. instead of brushing through with your fingers, try shaking the curls apart with your fingers, they turn out nicer! (:

  24. Where can you get those foam bun shaper things? (Not the net ones) lol I forgot what their called

  25. omg u look so cute without makeup!

  26. Omg, this is the first video I saw of you and I actually thought Lindsay Lohan was making the video for a second…like whatt?? But then I realised you're just someone who looks exactly like her. Maybe you guys are lost long twins…?

  27. Hi everyone I made a easy everyday heatless wavy curls video and it would be helpful if at least one person watched and subscribed I will be posting weekly videos (new youtuber) sorry for the spam comment 🙁

    Thank you 🙂

  28. Mine went terribly wrong even khow I put in a frizz serum it went frizzy and horrible I used the bendy black things you used .help me on the day of the wedding I was in a panic I wanted my hair to look great for my friends wedding so I has to straiten it at the last minute.

  29. This worked great for me!! I love the curls! they look just like yours! thank you so much! I used sock buns, and they work great.

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