Easy Tacky Christmas Hairstyles Tutorial

Here we go, some Tacky Christmas Hairstyles! This tutorial gives super easy and inexpensive ways to DIY your hair to Holiday greatness ?!!

I hope you guys enjoy some silly styles you can wear with or without for favorite tacky Christmas sweater!


  1. OMG LOL. I totally had to pause because I was laughing so hard during the first 20 seconds. Kayley you are completely adorable and hilarious!

  2. When Kayley spells reindeer wrong but it's ok because she's amazing

  3. Here's a hack: if you're challenged at bobby pinning gift bows in to your hair, you can also hot glue gun them on to a headband for a similar effect. 🙂

  4. Oh my god I just went to an ugly christmas sweater party i wish I saw this earlier!

  5. Is there a tutorial youve already made for the makeup you're wearing in this one? Thanks!

  6. I adore these! Favorite is the tinsel one.

  7. Of all the tutorials you have ever done, this one has made me the happiest.  Thank you!!!

  8. Hey Kayley, can you do some more tacky hairstyles

  9. Where are your mini bobbles from?? 🙂 I already bought some LED lights and bows!!! Thank you Kayley!!!

  10. Loved the intro… "and so it begins" ??

  11. You are so so creative. I absolutely loooved these hairstyles!


  13. Xmas Will be funnier than ever! Txs

  14. What lipstick are you wearing ?

  15. Can you please do a video for people with curly hair? Have a good day

  16. I absolutely LOVE Christmas, way too much, and this was the perfect video!! 😉 Thanks Kayley

  17. Could you do figure skater/ballerina hairstyles. They have to stay in, and look good for exhibition, jamboree, carnival, test day or competition. I know you probably don’t do these, but it’s really hard to find anything.

  18. You’re so creative!! What fun ideas.

  19. Oh.My.God.Kayley gave me a heart.It snowed today, my birthday is soon and this is the best gift I could ask for. Thank you!Praise hair Jesus.

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