Fall/Winter 2010 Hair Trends: Loose Natural Waves

Just a quick overview of a couple of ways you can get waves in your hair, and a demonstration of my favorite way to get effortless waves with heat.


  1. what size is the curling iron? how many inches

  2. how much inch is the curling iron and which brand is it pleaaase?

  3. how many inches is the curling iron

  4. You talked like John Green in the beginning it was so funny 8D

  5. Where did you get your hair clamps because I don't know here to get them?

  6. i love that you used cohesive and hot mess in the same sentence 🙂

  7. good job as always! I love your make up! do u have a tutorial on that?? ^^

  8. @LetsMakeitUp1 ohh, i can see where you're coming from if you're tugging your hair. makes more sense now 🙂 i wasn't trying to be mean or anything. yeah, really pretty much everything is damaging to your hair cause it's so fragile. but there are still really cute things you can do.. i love all your hair tutorials! i've commented about 10 times saying that tho already, haha.

  9. @esseyareey I think it's more damaging because you have to tug and pull a lot. I don't like using a straightener or curler, and I only use heat tools a couple times a month, because they're quite bad for your hair. I just think adding the pulling doesn't help anything. Like I said though, it's personal preference.

  10. i can see that you don't like the way the waves look, but it's no more damaging than using a straightener to straighten your hair or using a curling iron, right?

  11. @Cosidelight haha it doesn't happen on all my videos, but I'm SUPER appreciative when it does :).

  12. @free2move101 Huh, I mean it works for me to an extent. The waves fall out by the end of the day, but that's just how my hair is, so I assumed it was a just me thing lol.

  13. @olivianovakk Thank you! I mighhht do a makeup tutorial, and the room tour is coming, I just have to finish decorating my room first! lol.

  14. @Americnidolluver Aw thanks! One thing I do is when I curl my hair I use very little conditioner and either skip leave in conditioner or use very little. It's not great for your hair, so you can't do that everyday, but if you have a special occasion you want curls for it really helps :). My curls don't budge :).

  15. @caitlynistucool I promise, once I get my room 1 cleaned and 2 finish decorating it I will do a tour :).

  16. love ur eye make-up..do a tutorial!!

  17. can you do a tutorail on your makeup? please!!!!!!

  18. i like your makeup in this video!!
    can you do a tutorial?

  19. have you tried andreaschoice hair tutorial twists? it did not work on me at all…


  21. Awesome! I have always done braids and then used a barrel waver on the ends

  22. can you pleasee do you makeup tutorial for your look ?? you're stunning 🙂

  23. my hair doesn't curl so i hope these tips will help. 🙂 well, of course they will because all your tips help! 😀

  24. hii i love your videos first viewer!! can you plzzz do a room tour??

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