French Twist & Half Updo for Short hair!

Thanks everyone for an awesome February!


  1. Romcoafuri tradude in romina


  2. Not the stylish french twist that was popular in the 50's and 60's.

  3. The camera angle is terrible. Can't see what she's doing!

  4. تهبل حلوة كتير ????

  5. good really

  6. I think I'm able to do this one……I think!

  7. I try it but I am unable to do it what will I do

  8. Its definitely for the curly hair not for the straight hair. 🙁

  9. สวย

  10. The end result on the French Twist was terrific.  No one would guess that her hair wasn't long and done the usual way.  Nice tips.

  11. first step :have good hair .
    which most of us don't have and we keep watching these vids ?

  12. Especially love the half up do twist. Great job!

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