Glam Holiday Party Hairstyles Tutorial!!

It’s that time of year!! Here are 5 easy holiday party hairstyles! With Christmas coming up it’s time for some glam! I wanted to show you some hairstyles you can wear for parties that are also totally doable! These are all on the easier side so definitely give them a try!


  1. First of the Holiday videos!!! What's your favorite style to wear for a holiday party?

    Also, stick around because…dun dun dun…I'm uploading 3 times a week through December! Monday, Wednesday, Saturday. Braidaholics unite!!

  2. I love the other hairstyles but I hate the flipped chignon.

  3. the last one look's like Rey's hair styles

  4. The faux hawk looks like Rey's hair from the force awakens

  5. I’ve always just called the faux hawk a bubble braid.

  6. You could also definitely wear the faux hawk as a half up do style right? Love your videos.

  7. Nice hairstyles ur hairstyles is different and u r looking like a doll

  8. Nice hairstyles ur hairstyles is different and u r looking like a doll

  9. I always love your tutorials, thank you!! 🙂

  10. The hairstyles are amazing as always but the editing!! The background and effects and camera angles are so so good. The quality of your videos is amazing. I've been watching since the green background and watching you develop is amazing.

  11. Love all of them thank you! ? But I love the last one the most; I like an edgy hairstyle!

  12. Make short hairstyles for Christmas please answer me

  13. I want you to make a short hairstyles please answer me

  14. Love how she puts the effort to dress up for each hairstyles!?

  15. Hi Kayley!!! I love this video. Thanks so much for these wonderful hairstyles. Could please tell the type of hair cut you have?? Your hair looks gorgeous hon. Holiday greetings from India..

  16. I like the editing of this video. You should keep the sparkly background!!

  17. LOVE the faux hawk!! Thanks for sharing Kayley. Happy Holidays!

  18. That faux hawk is so edgy and cute!

  19. Love u Kayley for sure my favorite YouTuber and I am a proud braidaholic

  20. i love all the outfits that you wore for this video! so excited for 3 uploads a week. loved the last hairstyle the best!

  21. Absolutely gorgeous and incredibly easy to do. Thank you so much!

  22. You know Christmas is coming when Kayley posts Christmas videos I legit feel so festive omggg

  23. Would love to see an Outlander hairstyles tutorial at some point, especially when they're in Paris <3 Love your channel!

  24. Can u plz upload a hairstyle that perfect for christmas party…

  25. Great as always 🙂 Thanks for these ideas 🙂

  26. Woo Kayley! I've been watching your videos for it seems like forever now. Was it just me or did I catch on a different style of editing for this video? I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but I did like it a lot! Definitely one of my favourite videos of yours ❤

  27. Absolutely beautiful I love them all! <3

  28. I love a Brigitte Bardot inspired style for parties, with a little bit of a bouffant. I love your style with the ribbon because it reminds me of her!

  29. Can you do a video on how to style bangs?

  30. Did she say Glenn Coco??

  31. So many lovely hairstyles. Love it so much. kisses from Brasil.

  32. Love it! Just in time for me for the holiday work party I have coming up.

  33. Not just hairstyles but ur makeup too and ur dresses ??
    Please do a tutorial ofthis look too

  34. Yes! My hair is finally long enough to do some of these!

  35. Can you be any more gorgeous!!! And the holiday hairstyles are always my favorite! Great video

  36. The hairstyles are so so pretty and bomb on you. Lovely dresses too <3
    Could you please do a video on hiding a wide forehead and the recession area along the forehead?? I have seen a pretty old video of your's for hiding it. But I need to hide it like,for my high ponytails etc. Thank you!

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