Half Up Braided Hairstyle for Prom!

I hope you love it!

What I’m wearing:
Nails: Essie Brazilliant
Shirt: Garage
Lips: Revlon Colorburst LIpstic in Soft Nude and Flower beauty lipgloss in Baby’s Breath


  1. love this… you so remind me of Olivia Wilde when she was on House…. 

  2. very easy to follow!! You look gorgeous!!

  3. Hi 🙂 your hairstyles are amazing!!
    I have a picture of. A half up hair style that I would love to watch a tutorial on how to do! Do you take requests? Have a picture but not sure how to put the picture on here?x

  4. I have a problem with bobby pins cause my hair is too thick

  5. So, I did this braid but add the bun like "How to Do an Easy Fishtailed Updo" I got a lots compliments even recommended others to your website. Thanks for posting. 

  6. This is so gorgeous! Thanks for posting.

  7. You're so talented. I'm in love with this.

  8. Where is your navy singlet from? Much want! <3

  9. OMG thank you for this! I'm doing my friends hair for prom and she wants half up half down and I searched far and wide for a style that would look good on her and this is PERFECT!! Thank you so much!!! I'll definitely share pictures if I do this.

  10. this is absolutely gorgeous, I wish my hair was thick enough to take the braid that beautifully!

  11. Kaley, whenever I try to volumize my braid I end up having really big holes in between the strands if you understand what I mean.. what can I do about it?

  12. I did this last night for work, minus the curling. Since, I can not handle my hair down (too long) I made a bun with the rest. The snake pattern you made with the hair with my length I still had a lot left over So, after I made the bun. I wrap it around the bun. It made the hair look very complicated… and CUTE! Step up from my boring buns. Thanks again for sharing. P

  13. More prom hairstyles please! 🙂 love this

  14. i wish i could use emoji's on comments so i could put a million hearty faces! This is SO beautiful. I'm v jealous of your hair <3

  15. Omg I had already decided what I was doing with my hair but I think I just changed my mind.. this is beautiful

  16. another very very cute one! You're a hair fairy!
    If only I wouldn't have such difficulties with bobby pins. It's a shame I hardly can put them in & if, I either lose them soon because they're tacked in so poorly or I pull out hairs whilst take 'em out.
    Other than you, I am a real hair legasthenic.

    But love & watch your vids anyway.
    Thank you one more time ♥

  17. i loved this hairstyle as always you're amazing…. and please if you could do hairstyles for shooort hair?? thank's

  18. I love this so much! Beautiful!

  19. Kayley! You are so beautiful. Love your makeup and hair.

  20. What nail polish are you wearing?

  21. Wonderfull and easy 🙂 I wil do it to the party tonight!

  22. Is it possible to make an updo out of this hairstyle ?

  23. Solo pretty. I lover your braided updos and the hair chain tutorial that you just did! I wamy to repurpose some of my old ratty necklaces into something like that

  24. Luv ur videos but plzzz do something about the volume..

  25. this is soooo beautiful! I wish you were my hairdresser! 🙂 

  26. Please do a video on Cosima from Orphan Black's hair!

  27. I really love the way you put bobby pins in all your hairstyles like you just hide them under your hair but still their secured properly when I try to pin it like you my hair just falls off and the hairstyle is ruined! ??

  28. I love it! I probably will have this hairstyle for prom. I was considering your side swept one but this one is gorgeous! 🙂 

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