Halloween Hairstyles: Lizzie McGuire & Miranda Hair Tutorial

Hi everyone this is my Halloween Hairstyles: Lizzie McGuire & Miranda Hair Tutorial video! I’m going to be showing you how to do hairstyles from Lizzie McGuire.

I hope you guys enjoy this super throwback hair! I loved doing this hairstyle tutorial, because it brought back so much nostalgia! You can do these on long or short hair – whatever! And it’s a really quick and easy way to get a great retro 2000s costume for Halloween!


  1. So fun! ? You can also pull off any hair color!

  2. Please do a Wizards of Waverly Place hairstyles! ❤?✨

  3. Lizzie McGuire was like one of my all-time favorite shows! ❤ Miss the old Disney! ?

  4. AMAZING!! You nailed these looks! Thanks all the awesome videos!

  5. Oh my god, I love this too much!

  6. Holy cow… was this show really from 17 years ago?! I feel so old ?


  8. I love Lizzie! Really enjoyed this video.

  9. you look just like lizzie mcquire!!!

  10. I want more Lizzie hairstyles! These are so fun!!!!

  11. So cute!! Lizzie was my idol!!

  12. Yessss!!! Those wigs are perfect ??

  13. Amazing!! So perfect. Maybe I will go as Miranda for Halloween now!

  14. oh my god i am LIVING this is so good

  15. Please do a princess diaries hairstyle !!!

  16. Loved this video ?? Lizzie Mcguire was my favorite show, used to come home after school and watch it ?

  17. I gotta have that second miranda shirt! So cute!

  18. I was so diggin this show back in the day 😀 Awesome job Kayley, I hope Hilary sees it and it puts a smile on her face 🙂

  19. I love all of the hairstyles ??

  20. When ever I wisit my bf and use his shower, my hair becomes a mess. It’s not his fault, the water is very chalky and it doesn’t matter what products I use in the shower I end up with weight down, dry hair. It’s hard to brush it trough. Got any tips how to hide it?

  21. Kayley, you look SO good with dark hair!

  22. can u do a tutorial on how to braid faux undercut (viking braids) ?

  23. That first Lizzie hairstyle was my everything growing up! You're amazing 😀

  24. I've always wanted to do this to my hair as a kid….but by the time the show premiered, I had already grown my bangs out. Haven't had full bangs since. One of these days, though. Thanks for doing childhood justice!

  25. This is the video that I did not know I needed. ?

  26. You just brought back sooo many memories!! Good Job! ??????????

  27. I'M SCREAMING. Lizzie McQuire is my girl! I was hoping to make/find a video for her hairstyles so I'm SOOO happy you did!!

  28. can you please do hairstyles for people who have curly hair! 🙂

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