Halloween Spiderweb Cut Crease Tutorial!

Hi Cutie’s! It’s Halloween month. I hope you like my very first attempt on something Halloweenish haha. Like I say in my videos I am not really proud of it lol. The Spiderweb looks a bit messy and it was so hard to work with the eyeliners. I hope you appreciate my effort hahaha. Love you guys! ♡♡♡♡


  1. Hi Cutie's! It's Halloween month. I hope you like my very first attempt on something Halloween-ish haha. Like I say in my video's I am not really proud of it lol. The Spiderweb looks a bit messy and it was so hard to work with the eyeliners. I hope you appreciate my effort hahaha. I'm honestly feeling a bit ashamed because I so many people doing aaamazing halloween eyelooks and I have like zero expierence and I'm scared ya'll have really high expectations. So yeah I really hope u liked how it turned out and mostly important that you enjoyed watching it. Love you guys! ♡♡♡♡

  2. I had eczema on my hands when I was younger. Aloe Vera and vitamin E really helped me out with reducing the symptoms. You might also want to see it there are food triggers for your eczema because you can develop allergies to things over time and maybe there’s a particular food or thing you’re using that is causing flare-ups? Hope you figure it out! Eczema isn’t fun but it’s pretty common so don’t feel bad.

  3. For the eczema they make lotion for your face but the best thing you can do is moisturize with no scents

  4. This is my first video I've seen of your tutorials. I absolutely love your work, beautiful pure artistry, and I look forward to viewing more of your videos to come. Thanks for posting.?

  5. I loved it… u did an amazing job…give yourself some credit…. I hope ur skin issues are better soon. It takes a brave person to put that out there for everyone to see…. lots of love and prayers going your way from East Tennessee in the u.s.a

  6. I love Halloween Makeup, I love this! Its so cute! Excellent job

  7. Will you make air brush tutorial. Thank you . I love all your makeup tutorial. Thanks for sharing us.

  8. Will you make air brush tutorial. Thank you . I love all your makeup tutorial. Thanks for sharing us.

  9. As a nurse, I recommend hydrocortisone cream and aquaphor. Those two will help the eczema immensely!

  10. please what is the nme of the soooong (:anyways i love that video and sister i am with you..i'm struggling with acne 🙁

  11. I have eczema too, just use hydrocortisone it should go away, it did for me! I use to have it around my eye

  12. You should feel good about this look, it’s amazing! And I recommend Urban Decay’s razor sharp liquid liner

  13. how did you have the spiderweb in mind?

  14. I always read her name as An "Kook" because I just glance at it. But it's "Knook" wow.

  15. I have ezcema too but on my arms there is a steroid cream from doctors that will help and u did an awesome job

  16. Check out JKissa here on YouTube she doesn't wear foundation ever. I've heard that the Nyx eye-liner and the Physicians Formula eye liners are pretty good

  17. U did an Amazing Job Ann!!! Because it wasn't perfect made it Perfect … If that makes sense to ya. I really enjoyed seeing a Halloween Look that wasn't full of Skulls or Blood! Nice idea & your Cut Creases are the BEST on YouTube! Love You ???????

  18. Not sure how you can get your hands on the product but if you are interested look into Rodan and Fields Soothe regimen it is hands down the best thing for eczema, sensitive skin, and all kinds of skin issues. I suffer from psoriasis and it is a game changer. I am a rep and if you are interested I can see how to get it to the Netherlands.

  19. I love this! Its so cute! Excellent job ?

  20. That was beautiful. Please do more Halloween looks. I have a few suggestions, Galaxy theme, or maybe a black, red and white eyeshadow look.

  21. It came out stunning love ??? obsessed with your looks 100000000000000000000000%

  22. Very pretty. I will pray that your skin gets healed.

  23. I think it looks very nice, not too much like other Halloween looks. This is simple and if you create a spider under your eyes, I think it looks perfect????????????????

  24. D0nt Lyk This L00k Seri0usly L00king Weired…!

  25. An knook add my channal in your featcher channal

  26. I also struggled with skin problems. I think it was half a year. Then I stopped using every kind of moisturiser. I'm using no creams anymore and my skin as better then ever. I only tone my skin with a cleansing water one the morning and evening and that's it.

  27. One of my friends has eczema and she uses vitamin e oil on it and it helps. Also 2 really good eyeliners are the Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eye Pen and also the LOREAL Voluminous Superstar liquid eyeliner

  28. I thought you did an outstanding job for being your first Halloween makeup look if you NEVER said anything no one would have known you thought you did a horrible job I thought it looked great!! Shit I can't even get my winged liner lines that straight let alone a WEB..? don't be so HARD on yourself GIRL you did an AMAZING job just like you ALWAYS do!! ???????????????? oh an AMAZING eyeliner that makes it easy for me who can't do shit is the NYX MATTE liquid liner…it's FABULOUS small wand VERY black and it NEVER cracks on me ??‍♀️give it a try ??‍♀️ya it's called eczema it's pronounced EX-AH-MA A LOT of people suffer with it I DOUBT it will take forever to go away EVERYONES skin is different they have TONS of creams nowadays for it go to CariBybel channel she suffers with it pretty severely so you could get A TON of tips from her!!! So sorry you're dealing with that and on your face sucks….sorry hun…

  29. This looks INCREDIBLE An! I am so obsessed! I always LIVE for your gorgeous eye tutorials!

  30. An, I love your looks no matter what time of year! You always inspire us. I just do intense eye looks without foundation, using a light wash of tinted face powder. As far as the foundation issue, try using the CocoCare 100% cocoa butter stick…I kept mine in the fridge and just dabbed until it got soft and gently rubbed. It will still stay cool for soothing comfort. Someone suggested aloe vera gel, but it burned me too. Wow! Never though it would, but it did. I hope you feel better soon Pretty Lady!

  31. The patience it took to do the web detail!! I would literally throw my makeup brush across the room!!! ? Amazing An!! ?

  32. Such a perfect Halloween look – I love how its subtle but obviously Halloween this look is 🙂 I was so surprised to hear you say the web didn't turn out how you thought it would – this is perfect!

  33. I would DIE for a purple and orange sunset/halo eye for Halloween!! I'm so obsessed with those colors, and they're perfect for the season. Plus, you are so humble and sweet, and QUEEN of eyeshadow application! ???

  34. I have dealt with eczema for my whole life… I have it "cured it" to the point where it's just on my wrists, hands, and legs. Use lots of neosporin ointment and hydrocortisone cream then for washing I only use cetaphil wash! I couldn't use real lotion for years but it's a lot better now. Good luck!

  35. I think this is a really cute look. Not everyone wants to wear a full on makeup look.

    Regarding eczema (pronounced like ex-ma) or dermatitis: the best thing to do is go to a dermatologist and they will be able to prescribe you a steroid cream or an antibiotic like erythromicin. You can try an antihistamine in the mean time, or even an anti-inflammatory cream. Avoid using perfumed creams or soap near the area. But the best thing to do is go to a dermatologist where they can do a patch test to see if you are allergic to anything.

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