How To Apply Nail Tips On Yourself Using Gel


  1. Suzie, can you please do a video of how to touch up on gel. I've started practicing with Light Elegance & absolutely love your teachings

  2. the peaceful music with the topcoat got me

  3. I LOVE watching you do nails. It calms me

  4. I wish the brand you were using were able to be purchased by anyone, not just nail techs. Really upset because I was convinced by you to get the nail tips only to find I have to have a large following or a certification to purchase. Why promote it if we can’t buy it ???

  5. I’ve definitely dropped a box of tips ? it’s a sad moment. But definitely initiation ?

  6. I am definitely not a nail tech but I do my own nails frequently and I had an idea for a design that would require someone with much more skill than I have. Build a crystal clear nail (kind of thick), then e-file it to look like the facets on a diamond. Then use some kind of iridescent powder or polish and top coat it. So that it looks like the nail was carved from an actual gem. Think you could do this for me? I would really love to see it.

  7. I was about to say that there is still a great ombre effect but you had me with the oil and I had to keep watching. The best thing came when you said that just because you used clear tips and 1 color there still is an ombre effect… I just thought to myself: Great minds think alike…

  8. I was taught only tips back in 1999, we used a tiny bead of acrylic, if glue wouldn't work , but I'm self taught, gel & sculpting! No going back to tips!

  9. Love these! Going to work the courage up and do my own. I looked up Ugly Duckling and sadly I’d need a license .. what do you suggest I use; which I could purchase without a license?? THANKS! Love yours and “cameraman’s” videos!

  10. I went through the glitterbox – drop. …

  11. My husband gets a good laugh whenever I do my nails and use glue because I inevitably glue the index and thumb of one hand to a finger of the hand. Thankfully my naturals are long enough now not to need tips!

  12. Hi Susie & comment section. I got my nails done recently and had a problem and thought who better to ask than Susie. (Or anyone in the comment section) the first time I got my nails done, it was a very smooth sail and when I got them done recently, I got this shooting pain up my fingers once my tech applied the acrylic and it was a very painful process. I didn't mention anything though because i thought it was maybe just a problem that came with a new technician. If you or anyone in the comments could help me find out if its common or just a personal problem that would be amazing thank you ??

  13. Just after watching this video I dropped my container with my tips. I couln't help but laught.

  14. Suzie I love watching you and you do amazing work. How would I go about doing a work shop in my area and whare can I get some products? Thank you Wendy

  15. I would love to buy those tips but I don't have a license☹?

  16. Did anyone else hear a slight buzz sound from their mobile phone speaker? Or did i have it too loud

  17. Can you do a video on silk/fibreglass nails? I just discovered it and it seems like something you'd like to try (I hope).

  18. How did I not find your channel sooner… you're one if the few that can keep my attention longer than 5 minutes. I FRICKIN LOVE YOU

  19. I have a question. Do u only use gel nail polish on acrylics?

  20. Such BEAUTIFUL PACKAGING!!! BET their REALLY EXPENSIVE just by looking at packaging

  21. Beautiful! Absolutely love that soft pink.

  22. Will u plz do a video with young nails acrylic I bought it and I am training to get my itec diploma I would love your advice x

  23. Can you make a video of testing different types of Gel polish kits for beginners?

  24. Try fiberglass nails!!!!!

  25. Can you do a video how to clean your drill bits?

  26. These are absolutely my favorite. I have never worked with gel. Maybe I should try this…Love Ugly Duckling too…..Thank you for this video.

  27. Can anybody help me out? I LOVE the look of acrylics on my nails however, I wash my hands a lot (have a 2 year old) -how do I make the acrylics last longer? I hate the grown out look so when they start to grow out I just soak them off and I hate doing that. Any tips?

  28. Where could I get the Nile set

  29. Thank you for keeping the “oops” moment when the nail flicked off. The exact thing happened today with my client. And I was beating myself up about it. 2 year nail tech here. Wondering if I’ll ever catch on to all of this. Thank you for being real. Xx

  30. انتي رائعه . اتابعك دائما

  31. I’ve always gotten builder gel for probably going on 5 years… I absolutely love it!! Your videos are so relaxing!! You’re amazing Suzy!

  32. very professional.thank you.

  33. Love them I need to try this I always do acrylic on myself

  34. Kudos to Cameraman on the epic background music selection!
    Suzie could you do exactly this with normal nail polish? I have a technique that works but I wanna know how you would do it 🙂

  35. I’m not a licensed professional. I do my own gel nails and struggle with pinching. Does anyone have any idea on where I’d find tips like these with a deep c-curve since ugly duckling only sells to professionals?

  36. Finally, my tips again. The same technique.

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