How to Avoid Lifting – Natural Nail Prep

Suzie breaks down the most common causes of Nail Enhancements Lifting, and demonstrates how to avoid these problems.

Products featured in this video:
O•P•I Nipper
Ugly Duckling E-file – Cordless Rechargeable
Arbor Sanding Bands
Ugly Duckling Nail Prep
Ugly Duckling Primer Acid Free


  1. omg curling iron burns are the worst!

  2. Where did you get the blingy hand rest from?

  3. Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant. Best ever step by step nail prep I’ve ever seen, no over use of drill, no harsh metal implements. Just beautiful. xx

  4. I'm curious, is the prep/primer different for gel nails? I know the prep is still used, but if you're going with a hard gel (or even a soak-off hard gel like Exclusive Nail Couture's line) do you still use a primer? Or a simple base coat?
    Great video as always!

  5. Loved the video, but then I always enjoy and appreciate partaking of your knowledge. 🙂 Please, Suzie, what is the gold glitter polish you are wearing on your right hand? The tone is stunning! In fact, it would be SO helpful since you often have one hand done differently if you would include the name and brand of the color in your comments below the video. Thank you!!

  6. i'm In love with suzie's gold nails 😀 omg!!!

  7. Suzie – Can you please let us at-home nail techs know the best e-file we can purchase without a license??


  8. Thanks for the excellent nail prep video. I've been getting back into acrylic after 35 years, and there have been a lot of changes since the early 80s! I think I'm better (or at least more patient) at application and sculpture now than I was, but I do tend to get lifting early on. I think I've been a little too conscious of nail plate damage and maybe leaving a little cuticle here and there, which would totally explain the lifting. I have very sticky cuticles.

  9. Great video. Nail prep is so important. I'm one of the oily girls and acetone has helped so much.

  10. I just got dip powder nails for the first time, trying to grow out my onion-peel, thin nails. (genetic, my mom's are the same) I was looking for info about dip nails online and found your channel and subscribed. I'm not a nail tech, but I love watching you and listening to you. My fiance is Canadian and before I knew where you are, I guesses you are Canadian, love your adorable accent. 🙂 Thanks for making such great videos!

  11. Is acetone more effective to clean the nail bed than alcohol? Cheers and thanks!!

  12. OMG I've had my Sally Hansen cuticle nippers for YEARS and I never knew that thing was to create a spring action. I thought it was meant to be perpendicular to the handles for easier holding O_O

  13. Suzie, just a question please, can one enhance the size of their nail bed with time, or is it harming to do so as you push the cuticules?

  14. Would alcohol be a good substitute for acetone? ?

  15. I have issue with the nails lifting from the free edge
    Even if I cap it. Is same with gel polish, acrylic overlay or builder gel overlay
    What do I need to do?

  16. How would you go about filing naturally thin nails? Because filing them down when they are already thin can be painful for people.

  17. I rarely get lifting with gel nails, bit with acrylics I do despite following a routine like you showed. Is it possible that some products agree and stay more on the same client than other products? Tks For these awesome instructional videos.

  18. Love that color you are wearing on your other hand what is that color?

  19. what is the reason behind my nails having a burning sensation while its curing?

  20. I love removing product and left over gel polish with a nice bit like that, even buffing my cuticle area. I do what ever I can not to damage my natural nail. Removing my product on my nail bed, o use a fine bit to get as close as possible without hitting the nail bed. I never ever try to use a tool yo "gently pry" off product, I only soak if I'm changing Acrylic or gels.

  21. When will Cameraman get his nails done?

  22. I recently had acrylic tips and then gel polish put on my nails. I am loving how it looks but I am worried for when I go back for a refill as only one of my nails had a burning sensation when she used the drill. How do I prevent this for the refill? What should I tell her to do instead? (would a file be better?) thanks!

  23. Anyone recommend any affordable yet high quality e files for hobby nail artists? I was interested in the one in this video but unfortunately you have to be a nail tech to order one. 🙁

  24. I love Suzie and this channel

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