How to: Blake Lively’s Hair from the Green Lantern Premiere

Super Simple, but very pretty! I love this hairstyle, and I hope you do too!

Products Mentioned:
-Treseme Heat Tamer Spray
-FX Surf Head (my favorite surf-ifying product to date!)
-Hot Tools 1″ Curling Iron (my favorite curling iron)
-Oscar Blandi volumizing hair spray (a cheap alternative: Got2B’s Voluptuous Volume hairspray)

I’m Wearing:

-Foundation: Revlon Colorstay in Sand Beige
-Concealer: Soap and Glory Trick and Treat (under eye concealer)
-Blush: Cliquie’s Almond Blossom
-Lip stick: Revlon Nude Attitude
-Lip Gloss: Revlon Nude Luster
-Eyeshadow: Maybelline’s Green with Envy Quad (primed w/UDPP)

Nails: Sally Hansen Extreme Wear in Mellow Yellow

Shirt: TJ Maxx
Blue&Green Chain Necklace: Macys
Gold Chain Necklace: Vintage store find


  1. can you do like a how to on bohemian curls and abohemain braid please btw i love ur videos

  2. I was wondering if you could maybe do a video on how to do some of the hairstyles that the women from Game of Thrones has. Some of them (if you look up Khaleesi hairstyle on google) look like there are two waterfall braids. Or maybe you could just show any similar, easy double braid hairstyles?

  3. this one looks so nice and I think I can do t,I'll give it a try tomorrow

  4. My hair is extremely long, thick and straight. So curling with an iron doesn't work for me… What would you recommed? Maybe leave in a braid for the night? x

  5. I have exactly the same texture of hair like Kaley does and trust me, it's not always a blessing. Sometimes it looks like it's dead. Seriously.

  6. what's the brand and model of your babyliss? 😀

  7. What about a crimper? if your hair doesn't scrunch?

  8. Thank you so much for this hun….u r my savior!!

  9. I luvvv it thank u dear 🙂

  10. I think it would look better with some hair out of the hair band at the end. In the picture, Blake had some hair out and it makes you look like you have more volume, since you already have the texture. Just a tip, since the hair band kind of makes the ponytail look a little bulky 🙂

  11. When I heard your phone in the video I looked at my phone because I have the same text message noise.

  12. thanks for this great video!!! my Boyfriend love this look! and i have a concert and that was the perfect look!!!!

  13. not when you're trying to create a messy look.

  14. I did this today but without the curls/scrunched time though bc i really love this! thanks for posting!!

  15. omg soo cute but my hair has layers ! the top bit is short -_- it doesn't work plzz help !!

  16. Just tried it and it worked!! 😀 and its really cute! cant wait for my friends to see it!

  17. Where did you get the broach for your hair? It's cute!

  18. you actually look like blake lively your really pretty! 🙂

  19. Absolutely love this! I'm going to try it!

  20. I love your hair clip, where did you get?

  21. my hairstyle for prom! thank you so much:)

  22. You're beautiful!!! ^^ I love this style!!!!!

  23. Oh my god.. your so talented! 🙂 Love your videos!!

  24. I love it
    you did great job… I love all your videos 🙂

    BTW have anyone told you before that you look like Emma Watson? 😀
    You are so beautiful

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