How To Define Your Shoulders | Best SHOULDER SCULPTING Techniques

If you want to know how to shape your shoulders this complete shoulder workout is the key. This will show you how to get sculpted shoulders using several advanced techniques. Sexy sculpted shoulders with amazing definition can be yourself with this shoulder workout for women.

We guarantee you’ll sculpt your shoulders if you use these techniques on a regular basis. Learn how to sculpt your shoulders by doing things differently in your shoulder workout. There are 5 shoulder sculpting exercises in this women’s shoulder workout. You’ll grow and define your shoulders by challenging different angles in your shoulder work, so we’ve got shoulder exercises that hit different every angle of your shoulders.

For each of the 5 exercises in this shoulder sculpting workout you’ll do 12-15 reps or 12-15 reps per side. If you are a beginner you can shoot for 1-2 rounds of this shoulder sculpt workout. If you are more advanced try to do 3-4 rounds of this routine to sculpt your shoulders. If you are looking to define your shoulders check out our complete MAX/Shred program

Here are the exercises that will show you how to get sculpted shoulders:

1) Front Dumbbell Raise
2) Leaning Side Raise
3) Kneeling Dumbbell Shoulder Press
4) Lying Reverse Fly
5) V Pushup


  1. is it possible to develop bigger and rounded shoulders but not the traps? is there any isolate exercice ?

  2. This was very helpful, thanks! Love your arms.

  3. I always learn from and enjoy your videos, Susan. Your sincerity is apparent, and you obviously 'walk your talk.'

  4. How many times a week should I do this shoulder routine

  5. Very helpful and nice shoulders btw!

  6. Nice video but I have round shoulder but I don't like this type so what can I do for slim straight shoulder like a models.plz make video for slim shoulders

  7. Hi could you maybe post some tips and workout tips on how to reduce the size of front trapezius muscles in women for a more sculpted look? Do increase shoulder press and lateral raise?

  8. Can you please tell more about the weights plz mention in kgs

  9. Thanks. Would be helpful to see side view.

  10. Start your video with introducing yourself. Great workout. Very attractive shoulders!

  11. This is perfect timing, tomorrow is my shoulder day?

  12. Love it.. ? Shows alot of details. Thankyou.

  13. Awesome Workout With Details ???

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