How to do and style a Dutch Braided headband

I know it’s super simple, but I think it’s super cute! I hope you all enjoy it!

What I’m wearing:
(I can’t remember it all but my best guess)
Foundation: Revlon Colorstay in Sand Beige
Cheeks: Revlon Mineral Bronzer
Eyes: Clinique Duo in Butter Pecan
Lipgloss: Revlon Superlusterous in Rasin Glaze
Nails: Essie’s French Affair
Cardigan: Willi Smith
Necklace: (Don’t remember the designer) from Macys


  1. Do many vids at the start lol

  2. She has a tutorial for that she linked in the description .

  3. Ur videos are gr8 except I just wish u wud choose a brighter background or maybe even a sunny room

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  5. Wtf you didnt teach shit ; you just dod ur hair online!

  6. hi, i have a picture, but i don't know how make it!!! Can i send to you and teach me?

  7. I finally got it right!! Im so happy c:

  8. omg when i saw u holding that clip i thought it was a scissors and u were about to cut off your hair O_O

  9. it's just an inside out french braid. it's not hard.

  10. I'm doing this tomorrow so I can get my bangs out of the way for the day

  11. I'm a guy. I'm 25. I like the tutorial. I also like how the girl is a great host and speaker, and has a sense of humor. When my grows past my shoulders unstraightened, I'll be able to give this a try. Yay pretty braids. 🙂

  12. FYI I am 43 years old and I find your vids the easiest to follow. I do not want to look like a crazy woman who wants to look young again so I do make age appropriate adjustments for me, but your instructions are very clear and I appreciate it. Thank you

  13. Look at 3:35 looooool 😀

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