How to Get Rid of Acne Scars and Spots In Just 3 Days

How to get rid of acne scars and spots? One of the best after acne treatment: it removes acne scars and spots in just 3 days. All the ingredients are natural and very cheap! Getting rid of acne is quite hard on its own, but when you feel like you finally did it, here’s another problem – post acne scars and dark spots.

We at Bright Side found eight simple and effective ways to remove all these unwanted spots. So, let’s get right to the bottom of it!

Let’s find out why and how exactly do these acne scars form. The main reason is the inflammation. When you get a pimple, your pore swells, which results in a break in the follicle wall. If this break is deep, it affects the dermal layer of your skin. Your skin detects all these processes and forms new collagen fibers that are made specially to fix this problem. They try to do their best, but they rarely can make your skin just as smooth as it was before, and there it is – your acne scar is here! When it comes to the dark spots, the situation is a bit different. When your skin detects the inflammation, it starts to release way too much melanin, which is a protein that gives the skin its color. And that’s how you get a new pink, red or brown “friend.”

A lot of people buy tons of expensive creams or even get laser treatment and other cosmetic procedures. However, you can forget about these annoying scars just by making simple homemade remedies! They are available to pretty much everyone – trust me, you won’t need any unicorn tears or other impossible-to-find ingredients.

Remember that having a good skin care routine is not all. You should also pay attention to your diet. Eat more fruit, vegetables, and fish to get all the needed vitamins. The balanced diet will make your skin healthier just as much as all of these homemade recipes, and when you combine the two – the effect will be astounding!

Do you have any tips of your own on how to get rid of acne scars and spots? Leave and discuss them in the comments!


  1. Better option is to take bath regularly, and drink sufficient water. .being hygienic is the solution ..nothing else..

  2. Meanwhile we are eating aloe vera for asmr

  3. does washing with hot water works?

  4. lemon n curd pack is good for acne scars…2 tspn of curd mixed with 2tspn of lemon juice…wash after 20 minutes…

  5. Alovera, egg white and cucumber is best and cheap solution

  6. Scrolling through the comments Aloe vera, cucumber and ice cube it is for me

  7. Very informative! Thanks for sharing!

  8. what about aloe vera JUICE?? What? It's the only aloe vera I have!

  9. i liked the information shared in the video try ALOEVERA SCRUB OIL CONTROL FACE and WASHKUM KUMADI TAILAM by Planet Ayurveda it has very effective result.

  10. for my oily skin with acne prone/sensitive skin as well DO NOT use oils on your face as it will clog your pores because having oily skin, is enemy’s with oils. xx

  11. I watch all of your videos. It inspire me to make good contents like you have in this channel

  12. Never use harsh scrubs like sea salt and olive oil, baking soda and lemon juice on face never ever ❌

  13. Save your time:
    1 Aloe Vera
    2 Olive oil
    3 Sea Salt
    4 Baking Soda(this is ridiculous)
    5 Lemon Juice
    6 Cucumber
    7 Egg whites
    8 Make ice cubes

  14. Natural aloe Vera gel or purchased aloe Vera gel?

  15. Neem leaf also good for acne .

  16. lemon is good for skin ???
    is there any side effect if l apply directly lemon on face..

  17. lemon can damage your skin coz it's acidic. Baking Soda as well coz it's alkaline they say.. hmm so sad. just love your acne ?btw, how bout apple cider or olive? after putting olive on ur face put it in a pan and fry it? lol

  18. Don’t ever use any type of oil that makes acne trust me

  19. Use potato juice ..they are more useful than any other i think

  20. i don't have pimple I have Dark spots and pores even oily face..

  21. Yaay I have aloe vera growing in my yard so I cut some up and used it and oml I can see the change THANK YOU SO MUCG OML I LOVE U

  22. My grandmother gave me a family recipe for acne. This has prevented wrinkles, acne and cleared my acne scars. My mother, sisters and I swear by it.
    Mix equal parts ground clove, cinnamon, honey and lemon juice. Mix together and smooth on to face. Leave it on for 30 minutes and rinse off with warm water.
    (I usually use 1/2 Tbl spoon for each ingredient.)

  23. I tried using egg whites. It did good. My marks became less.

  24. please don't use apple cider vinegar as a toner I have been using it everyday for 3 years straight . It was able to remove my acne for a while but came back after plus, it is not effective on removing dirt on your face. Just use toner that is not alcohol based like the ones in nature republic. Don't do a lot of things on your face just let it sit and it will start to fade away around 2 months

  25. guys, every person have different skin types. so maybe aloe vera works for me, but not for you. either way, maybe olive oil works for you but not for me. just because it didnt work for you that mean it didnt work at all. same goes for skin care. then you should try what best for you and your skin type. my sister used baking soda for remove blackheads, it actually worked. I use aloe vera gel for remove acne, sometimes it work but sometimes it didnt work at all. so find what suits you better

  26. I have dark brown patches randomly on my face including chin area. Underneath my skin, I found black clogged head in depth that I can't get rid off.

  27. People should be careful with baking soda. I'm not saying it doesn't work, because baking soda does have additional properties aside from, well, baking. But some types of skin are alergic to it (doesn't necessarily mean you're alergic to eating it, tho). It can cause light itch and inflamation as far as I know (which is what happened to me). Doesn't sound too bad, but definitely not what you want for your face. So make sure you're not alergic first before using it on your skin.

  28. Um since when is 3 days a week?

  29. The before and after was just her adding on Makeup like it's so obvious.

  30. I’m trying tea tree oil. someone tell me if it works before i waste my money and damage my skin!!

  31. My problem is black head so suggest me one solution which is really work,

  32. How to Get Rid of Acne Scars and Spots In Just 3 Minutes:
    2. Make Up
    1. Photoshop

  33. I have TOO much alovera at my house
    but guys don’t put some lemon on your face

  34. i thought that it's just a days

  35. Rosehip oil. Organic. Makes scars disappear. I also highly recommend egg whites, as well as cucumbers (innisfree). These all come in face masks. Or find products with ceramide. Too Cool For School, Tony Moly and (my fave) it cosmetics make killer ceramide products. DO NOT put acidic fruits anywhere near your face, as well as sugar or salt, which can actually tear small cuts in your skin. (Eek). This is what worked for me. Good luck! ?

  36. Just keep patience and keep using aloe vera gel everyday n u wil see the difference in a month. These videos r so misleading, nothing goes overnight. Just stay calm

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