How To Look Good In Jeans and T-shirt hacks!! #clothinghacks #hacks #stylejeans

  1. Skinny Jeans: Here
  2. Ripped Jeans: Here
  3. Wide Leg Jeans: Here
  4. Moto Jacket: Here
  5. Blazer: Here
  6. Orange Coat: Here
  7. Ribbed Cardigan: Here
  8. Pink Suede Loafers (similar)
  9. Black Platform Running Shoes: Here
  10. Over Knee Boots: Here
  11. Metallic Heel Boot ( similar)
  12. Wide Brim Hat: Here
  13. Cabby Hat: Here
  14. Cat Eye Sunglasses: Here
  15. Oval Sunglasses: Here


  1. Hello loves! I have no idea what that premier thing was haha so I just re uploaded it quickly I hope you enjoy! I tried to link the pieces and similar pieces I share <3

  2. I'm VERY short, so I always have to tuck my shirt in

  3. lets be honest, this was a video we all needed. ily Nicoletta! ?

  4. Ahhh! Is suggested this video!! I’m so excited you made this!!

  5. You're really cool but, as Italian, I have to tell you that blue and black together are terrible! Anyway I like your stile?

  6. I’m so glad I found this channel?

  7. More of these please ‼️‼️‼️

  8. Hi you can do a night routine

  9. that does not look like brandy

  10. who else only wears jeans and a T-shirt??

  11. wow i rlly love this, i have always loved graphic tees, i will def use these in my normal life, i rlly want to learn how to wear off the shoulder tops and also how to tie my t-shirt, i absoutely love that cropped look so much!

  12. omg i love your vids so much!!!!! You should be a model

  13. 6:58 she looks like the girl from 16 wishes!!! The one who delivers Debby Ryan the box of candles !!!!! Like if you agree ?

  14. Looking for an IBF
    I am in 8th grade ?
    Live in USA
    Love to cheer and dance
    Super crazy and funny?
    Love to laugh!
    Celebrity crush is Cole Spruce???

  15. I actually REALLLLYYYY needed this

  16. I like tucking my shirts in like that but I feel like people might think I went to the bathroom and they would think I didn’t like pull my shirt out or wasn’t done do you know what I mean?

  17. Who else hit that like button before even watching the video!!! Love ur videos these r sooo cute! I will defiantly try these!!! Thank you!?

  18. Nicoletta everybody who sees ur videos loves them but not that many people get to see all your videos. You should try making your channel bigger than more people can enjoy its awesomeness?

  19. This is perfect because I wear t shirts and jeans all of the time

  20. Yess thank u ive been waiting for this video love u???

  21. another great video from nicoletta ! aghhh ?? ilysm ??

  22. The first one was my favorite.

  23. Perfect video!! Thank you! ❤️

  24. Yes upload clothing hacks. Love u ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  25. This is perfect girl because all I wear is jeans and a shirt ??

  26. Can you do more fashion videos? I loveee??

  27. where is the link for the T-shirt? Its really cute

  28. I like these fashion hacks&skin hacks too

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