How to RELAX Your Mind & Body! DIY Hacks for Stress & Anxiety!

Here you can find the best pranks, life hacks, beauty testing & fun back to school content all about how to survive being a girl, a boy, teen. Whatever you are, welcome to your own personal “Outlet”.


  1. Donut worry, be happy ◡̈? I hope this video helps you de stress! I love you guys & of course, HAPPY WEDNESDAY! ✨?☺️

  2. 5-6 and stay with my dog

  3. Selena Gomez Shawn mendes account ,Natalie's,alisha

  4. Can I just say that I LOVED this video. You are so inspiring and uplifting. I would love to see more lifestyle and mental health videos from you!

  5. I was just moving from a country to country

    So I was sooooooo stressed

  6. I have maths exam for 2 h I'am soo stressd

  7. My intention for today is to be calm

  8. My stress level is 10000000000000000000/10 im realllly stressed

  9. My goats are all 200-250 pluses ponds…….

    Yeah I'm not doing goat yoga anytime soon

  10. ᎾᏌᎢ ᎾF 10? ᏔᎬᏞᏞ ᏆᏞᏞ ᏆᎢ 12/10

  11. My intention is to… POTATO!!!!

  12. 1-10 is 3 for me…. not really stressed RIGHT NOW

  13. My intention for today is to be happy whit my friend

  14. I’m late but ilysm ❤️?

  15. My Intention for the day is to be HAPPY and POSSITIVE 🙂

  16. My all time favorite series is the Survivors series! Omg it’s so good! I’ve only read the first 2 books in the series but it’s so good! I hope you have a lovely day and rest of the week!

  17. I'm so stressed for my mock exams. Whole big books are my syllabus. 1like=1stress level down. C

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