Is Tofurky Really a Healthy Turkey Alternative For Thanksgiving? | Fit or Fiction

With a roasted turkey taking center stage on Thanksgiving, vegetarians are often left with a heaping plate of green bean casserole. Thankfully there are plenty of meat-free alternatives available like the ever-popular Tofurky. But how healthy is a product that has been processed to taste like real meat? We do the digging to let you know if Tofurky is worth the calories or if you’re better off sticking to those mashed potatoes.


  1. I eat the Tofurky slices on bread…They are DELICIOUS!!! The roasted sausage is also 100% GOOD!! We do not need to kill innocent animals to feed ourselves! 

  2. Let me tell you this is amazingly delicious!  My meat eating husband even said the roast was his favorite part of all!  The gravy and stuffing is amazing too.  The Tofurky Roast comes with everything to make a great vegan/vegetarian Thanksgiving even yummy fudge brownies.

  3. This is dumb. It's not marketed to be healthier. It's a cruelty free sub for murder.

  4. I think you guys should have tried it!!!

  5. just take more of the breast

  6. We are having Gardein's roast!

  7. Gardein has a vegan and vegetarian friendly holiday roast also, it has less calories and sodium per serving. 🙂

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