It Removes the Spots from Your Face Quickly and Naturally

Dark spots are one of the top skin problems. Trying to make them disappear, we often just worsen the situation… We’ll tell you about the reasons for their appearance and how to get rid of dark spots for good in just 3 days.

What are dark spots exactly? 1:02
Why dark spots appear on your skin 1:50
What you shouldn’t do to get rid of the dark spots 2:36
How to prevent dark spots 3:26
The way to get rid of the dark spots quickly 4:27
5 great recipes to get rid of dark spots 6:01
Recipe #1 6:06
Recipe #2 6:50
Recipe #3 7:41
Recipe #4 8:23
Recipe #5 9:20

– Dark spots can appear at any age. The root of the problem is in melanin. That’s where the shoe pinches.
– While daily skin exfoliation might be healthy for almost all types of skin, it doesn’t work for dark spots. What is more, it can even make them brighter! How so? Scrubbing your face too diligently can become a trigger to the inflammation which, in turn, will provoke hyper-pigmentation.
– If you think that to get rid of the dark spots is if not impossible, but very hard, you are wrong. There is one magic product that will become your best friend from now on! We bet that anybody knows it very well: it is… a potato! Potato is famous for its nourishing and moisturizing properties. As a result, fewer wrinkles, spots, or even scars!

Stay forever young, with perfect, unblemished skin, and by the way!


  1. Hey guys! Did you try any of these recipes? Did they work for you?

  2. thank you so much for this video

  3. Di tell me how to remove black moles permanentely

  4. Can i use this juice for an hour? Is it benificial?

  5. Well this video is interesting. I'll give it a try. My face is a sentitive type so right now it has dark spots/pimple marks in both sides of my cheeks. It's not that bad though but still I want to remove this unwanted spots on my face. I will really try this potato remedy. I'll keep you guys updated about my face.

  6. which recipe is best for sensitive skin?? please reply.

  7. you talk to much darling sorry about this.

  8. Please guys I have a question to ask about ☀️ ? sunburn ? please my follow views do not be angry ? with my question. please I need help guys because I am ashamed of my face with the sunburn ?, what can I do. Some people told me not to put any makeup ? on my face. Since over 3 months I have not makeup ?. Please please everybody I need help. Beauty start from the head to the face before the body’s. Thanks ? everyone for supporting me. And it’s very serious

  9. Please guys , I just have to ask question about ☀️ ? sunb

  10. Is this method good or bad?
    Anybody have any side effects?
    Can you please give me a reply??

  11. After using potatoes can I go in sunlight

  12. After applying potato juice in night time can i apply my night serum??

  13. Plz give me a idea for acne (pimple)my age is 13

  14. Turmeric is great also, I have dry skin and use it with coconut oil, sometimes olive oil, but you can use with aloe Vera and others. Google SIY facials with turmeric. – I was informed you shouldn’t use if pregnant

  15. Who gets benefit from this video

  16. I use alovera gel and ?? it's very effective I have no any skin problem

  17. my pimples are more loyal than my gf??


  19. It's basically potato. Move on to the next video that s it

  20. Does this work on freckles?

  21. Can we use potato juice every day

  22. Can we keep juice in the fridge ?

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