Mauve Glitter Cat Eye Tutorial


Makeupgeek Eyeshadows
White Lies, Petal Pusher, Vintage, Cherry Cola, Anarchy.
⇢ Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadows
Baby Cakes, Pink Champagne, Aubergine
⇢ Sigma Beauty: Wicked Gel Eyeliner:
⇢ NYC: liquid liner
⇢ Annytude: Lashes
⇢ RXY Cosmetics: Pink Rocks Glitter
⇢ MAC: Mixing Medium Gel

⇢ Urban Decay: All Nighter Foundation
⇢ Tarte Cosmetics: Shape Tape Concealer
⇢ MAC: Mineralize powder
⇢ Benefit: Hoolah Bronzing Powder
⇢ Dose of Colors: Gold is the new black highlighter
⇢ MAC: Pinch me blush
⇢ Flormar 202 Lippencil
⇢ Anastasia Beverly Hills Trust Issues Liquid lipstick

⇢ Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow wiz in Medium Brown
⇢ Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow in Medium Brown
⇢ Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel in Chocolate

⇢ Sigma E60
⇢ Sigma F63
⇢ Sigma F70
⇢ Sigma E30
⇢ Sigma E25
⇢ Sigma E15
⇢ Sigma E21

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  1. This is absolutely beautiful…new subbie!!!

  2. You are too good about eye makeup and your English is so clear and easy to understand. ??? from Malaysian Indonesian girl.

  3. your english is amazing. and i watch ALL your video's and have made some very beautiful eyelooks I always get complimented and it's not even close to ur PERFECT job. oh and its Anarchy sounds like Anar-k -ee. but noone really cares your too talented. just in case you wanted to know, with ur craft u seem like you would want to know, like a perfectionist. plus your open to more knowledge and growing in new idea's trying new things. But truly your fan base is only going to grow. Blessings of success, happiness & fulfillment on you❤

  4. Muito legal. Aprendo muito. Very nice

  5. In mexico where you can buy gliter? 🙁

  6. Amazing as always! love your channel

  7. your makeup is soo professional and pretty,, i really really love those colors

  8. you're one of the best! I don't know why you're underrated!!! you're better than a lot of these youtubers

  9. I love the mauves so radiant and the ombre effect is to perfection!

  10. I am new to watching you. and omg you are quite a Artist!!??? love the colors you choose. absolutely stunning dear! thank you for the tips. ❤?

  11. love this! my question is will mac's mixing medium hold the glitter on the eye all day?

  12. Magnificent look!love it! 🙂

  13. You are gorgeous girl and a makeup goddess!!!! Stunning look!!!

  14. Very beautiful but I feel like too many colors were used that really weren't even all that necessary

  15. You're amazing????????????

  16. Thank you ? I'm going to try glitter on my natural cat eyes ,it's so beautiful

  17. lovely An, I'm trying this look

  18. please mention your face brushes you use too.. thanks

  19. best one yet i love it!!!!!!!

  20. I love your techniques but y it's all About glitter

  21. You do the best eyeshadow on Youtube. You should have millions of subs & views. It is nice to see a channel that is just about simple makeup & to the point, instead of drama & acting like an idiot.

  22. hi ? what eye primer do you use?

  23. Stunning love this look?✨??

  24. What camera use? Amazing job!

  25. Lime always! PERFECT!!!! ❤️?

  26. What kind of brushes do you use for all different eyeshadow aspects? I have such a hard time finding the right brushes …

  27. هل من عرب هنا ههههه

  28. You're so beautiful and the look fits u perfectly ????

  29. lots of time take
    and she used all the colors

    which is not a smart makeup

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