My Perfume Collection


  1. dnt know how I got here but JESUS LOVES YOU

  2. hey!! I love your video♥♥ but you can show us about a video about your make up?.. because I love it♡♡♡♡ please, please. step by step 'cause I don't good of it -.-

  3. Great collection! My favourites are d&g light blue, Vera wang princess and Thierry mugler alien! Ps love your hair. ?

  4. You might like sexy amber by Michael kors:)

  5. Favorite perfumes: Chance Chanel (pink bottle), Dolce and Gabanna light blue, and Daisy Marc Jacobs.

  6. What eyeshadows are you wearing?  This look is amazing. 

  7. I love Clinique Happy Heart and Philosophy Summer Grace! My favorites!

  8. Hi   +Kayley Melissa , I was wondering if you could make a review or maybe give me your opinion about which brand is better, Marc Anthony or John Frieda, i´ve been strugling finding a god product and this brands seem nice. Thank you so much for your help, and by the way, lov your videos!!! =)

  9. I love Lacoste touch of pink its not fruity but its a sweet scent, I used to wear it all the time. I love most of the Juicy Couture perfumes as I love sweet perfumes. If you want something that's quite strong and moving away from the fruit and sweet scent, then I would recommend Tommy girl, it's pretty old but classic. Also Ghost captivating is another lovely scent.

  10. I used to be all about the vanilla scents but just like u i felt like i wanted something more mature and found this:
    Bvlgari Rose Essentielle
    Rose Prelude, Blackberry, Feuille de Violette, Living Mimosa, Jasminum Sambac, Patchouli, Bois de Gaiac .
    Luxurious. Feminine. Delicate.
    I wear it day and night, but i think it's more of a spring/summer fragrance.

  11. I love Fantasy by Britney Spears (fall time), Siren by Paris Hilton (summer time) and Notes of Motherhood by Celine Dion (winter time). Also pumpkin based scents 🙂

  12. Missed your Sunday Funday videos. Hope you are having a great time at LA. Thanks for sharing with us your collection. You look gorgeous! (: <3

  13. can i double like ? Your hairdo is absolutely gorgeous  so a thousands thumbs up for a tutorial on how to do it 😀

  14. I like L'occitane cherry blossom, flowery yet sweet and not overwhelming :))
    btw, love your hair here! 

  15. Your hair is so pretty!! You must do a tutorial on that hairstyle. 🙂

  16. Please do a hair tutorial on this look. It looks so nice.

  17. Lets see.. i think you would love Madagascar Vanilla from the Body Shop- I really enjoy that one 

  18. How do you do the hairstyle you've got going on here??! please!!x

  19. I'd love a hair and makeup tutorial on your look in this video.

  20. Flower Bomb by Victor Roff…beautiful.


  22. You say you don't like the flowery scents, but if you change your mind, try "Rose" by Paul Smith! It has become my signature scent, I love it!!

  23. I really like Our Moment by One Direction. They came out with a new fragrance called You and I but I haven't tried that one yet. Our Moment is really sweet and fruity but it also has a little bit a maturity to it. I also like the Noir Tease from Victorias Secret. That one is similar to Our Moment but definitely more mature and sophisticated.

  24. Love viva la juicy. My favourite xx

  25. I love Graceful Angel by Elisabeth Grant. It is definitely a sweet scent. But you smell like candy cotton or fresh made waffles. But it also has some oriental scents to it, which makes it "adult-appropriate".

  26. Hi, could you please do a tutorial on this style?

  27. My favorite fragrance is Wonderstruck…I use it every day! I love it SO much – it has that perfect sweet but unique scent that wafts up to you at random little moments throughout your day -mmm. 🙂 Definitely my signature scent! ♥ It has freesia, apple blossom, raspberry, golden amber, sandalwood, and peach notes!  (So it's definitely in the sweet and fruity realm, BUT it's delicious so I thought I'd mention it anyway) 😀

  28. Please please do a hair tutorial of this hairdue!!!!!!!! U r amazing!

  29. Hair tutorial pleaseeeee on the hair in this video

  30. Hi Kayley, I'm Veronika and I was hoping if you can make a tutorial on some hairstyles for growing up you're bangs tnx :* (p.s. I'm from Croatia so sorry if the translation is bad I hope that you understand the concept)

  31. I love Michael Kohrs Gold. And I love your eye makeup in this vid!

  32. I love fruity and sweet fragrances too 😀

  33. My favorite scents are the Jessica Simpson Fancy collection. The traditional "Fancy" is a very strong gourmand, but "Fancy Love" is a beautiful Peachy Musk with a soft Vanilla dry down. If you want to do a fruity floral, that's the one to do. And "I Fancy You" is such a sophisticated summer scent. I find myself reaching for that one most often. If you want something very strong and sexy "Fancy Nights" definitely does that. But its a very particular scent, you will either love it or hate it. And then my all time favorite perfume is her "Vintage Bloom" 🙂 I know I should branch out, but she has such a wide variety and they all smell so lovely! "Honey" by Marc Jacobs is another nice one. Very light. And another guilty pleasure is Britney Spears "Midnight Fantasy". Its a dark woodsy plum and very sweet, but it smells so unique and makes me happy 🙂 And the bottle is pretty lol.

  34. My favs are bond #9 Chinatown and Hermes Merveilles, I bet you'd like them. They are my go to fall scents. Hermes is my all time fave though!

  35. I have sooo many favourites: I looooooove the Juicy Couture Couture Couture and Viva La Juicy Noir; Armani Code; Prada Candy, Victor& Rolf Flowerbomb and the Diesel Loverdose Tattoo ♥ my alltime favourites ♥

  36. Escada Magnetism 🙂 Love that one, It is a night time scent tho. 🙂

  37. please do a tutorial on this hairstyle! so pretty!!

  38. Please do a tutorial on your hairstyle in the video!!! It's super cute!!

  39. You absolutely need to smell any of the daisy perfumes by Marc Jacobs. All time ever favorite scents.

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