Natural Baddie Makeup Tutorial

Natural + Baddie = Perfection it’s the perfect combo. Think of it like its your dressy casual look. Okay just kidding it’s super glam with the lashes, shimmer and wing but its neutral so you can wear this look anywhere!! I hope you guys love it and you glam girls will definitely love see you guys in the comments.

Love you!


  • J. One red jelly pack Primer $42
  • IT Cosmetics bye bye under eye cream $48
  • Dermablend flawless creator $40
    Shade: 37 W
  • Huda Beauty New Nude Palette $65
  • MAC Up For Everything Mascara $24
  • Charlotte Tilbury Concealer $32
    Shade: 5
  • Charlotte Tilbury Magic Setting Powder $45
  • MAC lip pencil $18
    Shade: Stripdown
  • Dose of colors Gloss and matte lip sets $29 ea.
    Shade: Stone
  • Lilly lashes: Milf $25


  1. Omg ???… just look awesome???….this hair suits you…..and this look is just unbelievable❤❤❤
    P.S. – Who else is super excited for the Berries and cream pallet ??? #quadfam

  2. You should do vlogs girllll?, like if you agree

  3. How do you become comfortable wearing do much makeup? I've never been that comfortable but I want to be

  4. Christen!!! Who do you get colored contacts from???

  5. Could you do an I heart revolution 24k gold eyeshadow smokey eye tutorial pleaseeee

  6. This haircut is EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Please let me know where did you bought the color contact glasses. And how much they cost you, I remember I saw one of your videos where you mentioned but I can't find the video, please this is my e mail [email protected] or leave me a message on Facebook is the same name Leticia Fuyivara, thank you so much.

  8. LOVE YOUR HAIRCUT!!! Looks so good on you!!!

  9. You’re so pretty I can’t even ? what contacts are you wearing? ?

  10. Who wants to speak Spanish ?. I teach them but they teach me English?

  11. Omg now u look like Veronica from Riverdale❤️

  12. Your so pretty and i love your tutorials

  13. Youre Hair and Make Up is BEAUTYFULL

  14. I really needed that msg at the end. It was as if you were speaking to me personally, thank you for that. I love the look!

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