When Guy Tang #Mydentity Vibrant Pastels meet #Mydentity Super Power Direct Dyes – EPIC. I used Vibrant Pastel Direct Dye Charcoal, Mint of Steel, Arctic Blue and Super Power Direct Dyes Blue Mystique, and Green Aurora. Did you see her lifted to level with Guy Tang #Mydentity #Big9 Creme Lightener in one session! It’s a strong lift yet gentle to the hair.

Get your Guy Tang #Mydentity colors and lighteners at or at Cosmoprof online and stores (US and Canada) and Armstrong McCall stores (US)


  1. Hello sir, I'm the big fan of your work ,, I'm from India… I just want to tell you that your color is owsm I want you to introduce your color range in Indian stylist because the color you have so demands over here and also want to meet you personally…hope my dream comes true to talk to you an meet you … love u sir … Nikhil this side from india

  2. Love the color, and the little skit at the end!

  3. i LOVE you Guy! your vids are so much and informative to watch.

  4. I love you so much ??? you're soooo iconic????

  5. Oops, I'm about to be that person rolling up to my hairdresser with 6+ months of roots.

  6. Omg that's looks so freakin amazing !!! ♥ I so want to get my hair coloured…♥

  7. my dream hair ? i blue for a whole bit had to change it back for school 🙁

  8. I would literally fly to California just to get my hair done by guy tang. NO JOKE. But I'm 12 sooo ?

  9. I would literally sell my soul or my spleen to have my hair done by you.
    You are so talented and also such a lovely human being ❤

  10. i think its so cool to add the foils after doing the retouch for more speed im going to try that

  11. I have very thick hair and my mom let me dye it when I was in 4 year I only did my tips bit then in 5th year I did all my hair and cut it into a long bob I did a mint with a white ombre from the tips

  12. do you guys have dunkin donuts mugs!!!??

  13. Guy never ceases to amaze me. Her hair is absolutely stunning. Guy is a true artist.

  14. Man i wish you where in Houston tx so i can get my 1st dye job from you btw love your work

  15. wow she looks hot as hell at the end

  16. Thank you I love you ???????✌?✌?✌?✌?✌?✌???‍♂️??

  17. I love how you are watching GBBO ?? On the TV behind you!!! Love this colour ?

  18. That looks so boom!!! Love it!!! ?????

  19. What outfit is Shady wearing at the end of the video? It's so awesome!

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