Peppermint Swirl Nail Art

Hey guys! How are you?! Today’s video has been inspired by those tasty little peppermint swirl candies! I recently saw Ariana Grande rock one of these sweet manicures and decided to give it a try myself 🙂

Love you guys! Thanks for watching x


  1. Wow !!! Glad I found you ! I love these nails !!! Thanks.

  2. This nail art is BOOTY

  3. awesome christmas design!

  4. i love how you show us something that would usually be difficult but then you make it look so easy

  5. That is cool I wish that I can do that but I have small I nails???

  6. I REALLY wanna do this but what about my non dominant hand?

  7. When I use a op coat it smears my nail art! iv'e used many top coats and they all do the same thing. Can anyone give me tips?

  8. new subbie hooked… 

  9. I love this nail art video its just so girly

  10. HA the polish was going to fall!

  11. Eeek such a cute design! I have always wanted to try a peppermint swirl design!

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