Quick and Easy Christmas Morning Hairstyles


  1. Your Christmas hairstyles Christmas videos are probs my faves!! Looooooooovvvveeee how easy and quick they are to do, thank you for sharing!! xx

  2. You helped someone far far away ? I did the ponytails with elastics and it was a success! Thank you! Your videos are amazing. Love from Brazil!

  3. I know you're probably not gonna read this, but keep on going girl! You don't even know how helpful your videos are 🙂

  4. Thank you for this video! Look forward to it every year! You're awesome Kayley! Merry Christmas!?

  5. Merry Christmas!! This is a super classic I look forward to every year. Love this season. =) Merry Christmas Kayley!

  6. Who tf is that shallow that they need to look "cute" opening presents when you haven't even showered or brushed your teeth yet smh

    Also these hairstyles are irrelevant to a good portion of people since only straight white girl hair works with these styles (and every other freaking hair tutorial on YouTube curly haired girls get no love)

  7. I usually wear one of these hairstyles every year! Maybe next year could you make a "christmas morning hairstyles for short hair" video? I recently cut 12 inches off my hair, so I'm gonna have to get creative this year, haha. Great video!

  8. I have a question how old are you?

  9. is she related to kandy johnson?

  10. can you do Valkyrie's hairstyle from thor ragnarok please?

  11. She sounds like Ro from NerdyNummies??

  12. Kayley,I love your channel so much…your tutorials have showed me how to braid my hair and your totorials truly were the easiest,my kind of style ,and your perky fun attitude,so thank you

  13. It's Christmas morning who cares about your hair

  14. Hey Kayley, could you please do hairstyles, makeup and outfits from Riverdale?

  15. OMFG! She ugly and skinny lolz

  16. I love your braided styles but I find that I get a lot of scalp showing through. Is there a trick to help with this?

  17. Do you have a video on EASY hairstyles for short hair or recommend any for me to watch because I have a Christmas eve service to go to on Sunday and I would like to have a cute/mature hairstyle, but I can barely put my hair in a ponytail

  18. I loooove the Pull Through Updo!! Problem : my hair is really thin..

  19. That's an adorable headband but I'm not paying $26 for it…

  20. I loved your back ground color!!!! You look fantastic against that green

  21. Any tips on doing a pull through braid with extensions?

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