Quick Hairstyle for Back to School or School pictures!

What I’m wearing:

Everyday Outfit:
-Shirt: TJ Max
-Headband: KMart (I know right?)
-Necklaces: Forever21
-Rings: Erica Anenberg

Nails: Essie Mint Candy Apple and Butter London West End Wonderland

Blush: Benefit Coralista Blush and Hard Candy Bronzer in Tiki
Eyes: TheBalm Shady Lady Vol 2 and The Nude ‘Tude Palette by TheBalm
Liner: NYX Slide on Pencils in Black
Mascara: tarte Lights Camera Lashes and Maybelline Illegal Length
Lips: Wet N Wild 901B and Pink Whisper Lip Gloss by Revlon


  1. i love all your hairstyles. you can understand them perfectly.

  2. why does it look so much easier on you? 🙁 i did it and i failed 🙁

  3. Do a tight bun on top of your head.

  4. Can you come up with a quick downdo for people with frizzy/curly hair, something for back to school? (I'm from Australia so I go back in 2 weeks). Thank you!!

  5. i love this hair style i use it all the time its so easy

  6. you look just like belle from belle and the beast <3

  7. Ever since school started your videos have been my survival!!!! I love them!!

  8. I'm going to just do a french twist in the back.

  9. My dad's wedding is this saturday and I'm gonna try this for the wedding!

  10. your so pretty you could be a model

  11. I've been obsessing over your videos for the last day and a half! I haven't willingly styled my hair beyond curling in the last few years and then I decided to grow my hair out and had no idea how to style it then BOOM I stumbled across your videos. Great stuff!

  12. i royally suck at doing hair styles and I have accepted this haha But i cant help but watch you do these hairstyles 😀 brilliant!

  13. i love this hairstyle! so cute
    can you put some really sturdy, yet elegant hair styles for grad and prom?
    something with curls would be nice! 🙂

  14. my family, especially my sister, is like that when i try hairstyles that are different. you just gotta roll with it and let her know that trying new styles is what you love to do!

  15. I really need to buy plain headbands! All my headbands have big bows and flowers on'em and I don't thi nk it would work with this. Definitely will try it out once I do! As always, love your hair tutorials

  16. u should do a wavy hair tutorial plz

  17. this is beautiful!! I will give it a try but I am really worried about the hairband. I have tried similar styles before and my hairbands never stay where they are supposed to be. 🙁 Anyone has similar experience?

  18. Tell her your people of the internet salute you for being creative with your hair.

  19. If this works for short hair, it's gonna be my hair for headshot day.

  20. i love this sooo much that its gonna be my hairstyle for my passport pic. THANK U!!!!!

  21. That was so hilarious that I laughed out loud at 6 in the morning, my compliments! ;D

  22. in the words of lady gaga: IM AS FREE AS MAH HAIRRRR

  23. love it!!! more power to you!!

  24. You are really pretty and i wish i can do these but i really cant .. I wish you can do my hair everyday -3

  25. i wish i had ur skills! I jst learned how to make a regular braid and am 14 :$

  26. .and i dont really ask,do you like my new hairstyle ?cause if they do or not,i'll keep on doing it ^^ lol,i guess twice they told me whats wrong with your hair today i was like hee ? nothing :DD (it was messy as i wanted it and didnt cared about em :D)

  27. hello there.You shouldn't care what other people think about you,or what tell you..If you love it,do it.if you think its cute,try it.Dont be afraid to try new things on you,i used to be like that,but once i fell in love with some hairstyles i really didnt cared what they might say about it,i just made it cause i loved it and it looked nice on me.

  28. this is super pretty, makes me glad Im growing my hair out!

  29. It could be your hair texture. Try spraying your hair wit hairspray or dry shampoo before you braid. Also, make sure you tied the bottom securely with an elastic and include all the hair from your braid.

  30. @carliian you can check out her "Perfectly Imperfect Side Bun" for that 😀

  31. OMG you are so pretty and I love your hair totorials!!!

  32. I really like this video, do you think this hairstyle would look good for like a wedding?

  33. Can you do a tutorial on a messy sidebun please? I love them and can't figure out how to pin them so that they stay in place! Thank you so much for posting all these hairstyles, I love your channel! 🙂

  34. I love your videos because they're always short, precise and yo explain everything really well 🙂 thanks for your work!

  35. I'm definitely going to try it again 🙂

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