Romantic Flower Half Up Do!

I love this for everything from Bohemian to Girly, even for weddings! Tell me in the comments if / how you would wear this hairstyle!

Products I Used:
-BigSexyHair Get Layered Hairspray

NuMe Octowand (Code 8styles for $120 off!!)

Love you guys!


  1. i will wear this for prom this year <3

  2. i love it!!!!!! i want it for my prom this year <3

  3. Just tried this style on my daughter's hair. She has thick waist length hair. It took 20 minutes and about 20 bobby pins but it came out so nice! Great tutorial.

  4. about how many bobby pins will i need i have relitively thick hair

  5. I'm going this for my niece for prom ♡ Thanks for the idea! You're a life saver!!

  6. Love this hairstyle! Really wanna try it!

  7. She's so pretty. Gorgeous hair.

  8. gonna try that for a wedding tonight 🙂

  9. you're so perfect <3 i'm jealous

  10. i just tried this. you make it look so easy. ughhh

  11. I used to watch your really old videos, back when your background was grey/blue.. I think? lol. I was just browsing for hairstyles recently and clicked on yours and was just like woah! You've really improved your channel! amazing hairstyles, amazing editing, amazing tutorials. Congratulations! I look forward to keeping up with your hairstyle tutorials.

  12. Could you do a flower halo braid tutorial like this but in a halo that would be so pretty

  13. The video is amazing and the tutorial is really easy!
    P.s. u're sooooooo beautiful 🙂

  14. Do you have tips to grow your hair?

  15. You could also curl the part is left down.

  16. This has to be one of the most stunning hairstyles I've seen

  17. i wore this hairstyle to my brothers wedding recently. it was a hit !! i think the stylist at the salon is following you now HAHA ! thankyou so much for coming up with it !

  18. siiiigh You have beauuutiful hair 🙂

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