Soft And Sultry Cat Eye Tutorial

Hi loves ☺ I hope you enjoy the video. If you have any looks that you want me to make please let me know in the comments.


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  1. Thanks, great video! I looked for this kind of make up tutorials which will be easy to see the process for beginners! Keep forward!

  2. Beautiful! Thank you so much for the detailed explanations. I can follow along so much better with your amazing tutorials. And yes a few natural eye looks are great here and there. We are not always going somewhere in need of being all glam. Thank you An. I truly appreciate this. ❣??

  3. I love this look. Soft and more natural every day sort of look. Ideas for upcoming video.. maybe another soft look like this one but using teals and aqua colors..?

  4. loved this. what brush do you use for applying the gel liner? also can u do a look that will go with a rose/blush gold evening dress

  5. very nice dear

  6. I love when you do eyeshadow looks like that they look beautiful on your eyes

  7. I would love to see more natural day looks??

  8. Thanks. Wish I would of got it with the 20 percent off. At least I know I am not loosing my marbles!

  9. Yes more natural plz!!! All your looks are so stunning and unique and beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️??????

  10. Am I going crazy? I could of sworn there was a 20 percent off code for Sigma yesterday. Today it's 10 percent? Was going to order using your code but I have a 15 percent off myself.

  11. I really love your looks, they are differend that I've seen on social medias.

  12. Agradecería tanto que hicieras subtítulos en español, por favor?
    Me encantó el maquillaje❤

  13. an, you are sooo stunning. i loooved that video the eye look is super beautiful and i am in love with you eyebrows really. they are gorgeous. you are one of those lucky women who don't even need makeup..really. i hope you have an amazing day. love alana

  14. Really beautiful! Would love more natural looks for daytime!

  15. Un bellissimo video bravissima e complimenti per la tua bellezza ti saluto ✋ con affetto da Antonio bay bay from italy ciaoooooooooooooooooooooooo PS un felice anno nuovo e tanta felicità e gioia e pace bay bay da Antonio

  16. I always love your eye shadow video's. I want to use a gel liner can you sugest one for me? I live in the US thanks so much. ??????

  17. The natural look is wonderful. I would love to see lots more please.

  18. I know this might sound a bit weird but whenever I run out of fixing spray, like Fix +, I mix half a bottle of orangeblossom water and half a bottle of rose water and wet my brush or set my face. I just wanted to know if you've ever tried that combo?
    I know you guys get a lot of PR stuff, and probably the best on the market, but if you ever try it let me know ok cos I LOVE it!
    I've even started using it as a toner after washing my face cos it's so gentle even on sensitive skin.
    Oh must not forget, LOVE the look, but then again, I always do!

  19. I loved this look! Please do more of these natural looks in the future!

  20. I feel this look can totally be recreated using only the Morphe 35O palette

  21. Love your make's…. you should have lots of people following you!!!… just amazing … love from Brazil… xoxoxo…

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