Stability Ball Workout For Your Abs | Strength Training | Fit How To

Incorporating a stability ball into your workouts is an easy way to challenge even the most basic exercise. Whether you’re lying on a stability ball or simply holding it, you’ll quickly find how much harder your body has to work — especially when it comes to ab exercises! Just in time for the oncoming bikini season, we’re taking you through a series of ab exercises that really focus on strengthening and toning your entire core. Hit play and get ready to feel the burn!


  1. can I know the size of the fitball? Thank you!

  2. More stability ball workouts, please!

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  7. gracias!!!! me encanta como explicas todo

  8. Thank you for great workout 🙂 

  9. did these in my
    body sculpt class today 😉 love you guys

  10. Is this good for the core too?

  11. How many times i have to do it ?

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