Styling Cold Weather Fall and Winter Outfits


  1. still too cold for germany ahahaha

  2. great video. the leather on the otk boots looks so soft and good quality and thick if you know what i mean are they heavily lined inside or just a thick leather

  3. Errmm so where has this woman been all my life? Love the first outfit !!!

  4. You have Great Style!!! Do you have any Harem Pants videos? Demin or Leather videos

  5. Your brown shirt/sweater looks so comfy and I like that pop of red from the scarf

  6. I love seeing the fashion change

  7. Yes I do I love of them, you are role model

  8. You make me me feel like I need to do some major shopping lol

  9. Thank you for making a video with more realistic winter outfits! ย It usually doesn't get below 15 degrees where I live, but I would still freeze in lots of the outfits other YouTubers suggest. ย Thanks for putting together more practical outfits ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Made this video 2 years ago and I would still wear these outfits!!! I've always enjoyed making Lookbooks. Anyone remember my old styling videos?ย 

  11. *sigh* love the looks but I think they're more suited for Canadian fall. Lately winters have gone down to -40 C where nothing will do except for my parka and snow pants with like 3 layers underneath.

  12. I don't believe you mentioned where you got the hat- I've been looking for one like it recently! Where did you get it?

  13. where did you purchase the second over the knee black boots? and,,, if you don't mind sharing, how tall are you?

  14. watching your lookbook for cold weathers, gives me so many ideas for this season!

  15. i cant wait for winter <3 ๐Ÿ˜€

  16. i so cold here i cant even leave my jacket open ๐Ÿ™

  17. I'm from Florida and I'm thinking of visiting a friend in Wisconsin it gets really cold there and I just had absolutely no idea how to dress for winter. I accidentally stumbled on you trying to find tutorials, you are the best I've seen yet! I love your style and the way your videos are made. Beautiful!

  18. i LOVE your winter outfits!!! keep up the good work ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. You make it look so chic. Love it!

  20. that's wonderful to hear. So glad you found my videos helpful! xo

  21. Probably the most helpful layering video ever!!! Thanks Anne!

  22. i just moved here in northern europe and i am new to this cold weather since i came in asia. your videos helped me a lot, and i find it very interesting to watch all your diy's and other clothes to wear on different climate. keep it up, ur hardwork is not in vain, coz i'm just one of the many who makes ur videos keep me in style while in these countries.thank u so much…would want to see more of u…

  23. where did u get that coat in outfit 2??

  24. Love this!! I live in the Midwest and its so hard to look stylish and yet stay warm. Thanks for the video!

  25. Finally practical yet cute outfits.. some ppl expect you to where shorts… wha?

  26. love your shoes for the 1st look. what brand is it?

  27. I finally found almost exactly the same leather jacket thanks love your style

  28. WHERE did you get your hat!?!?

  29. 1:49 omg! Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!

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