Summer To Fall Makeup & Style Transition

My friends at Target sponsored this video and sent me this cute box of Pixi items to play with. I wanted to show you guys how I transition my look from Summer to Fall. All of the items shown can be purchased from Target here

Ann Le / Anneorshine


  1. Where did you buy that lipstick and can you do a separate video on how to create the eye makeup look?

  2. I love your makeup and hair ???????

  3. do dark blue pants matches with red top and shoe??

  4. Great look and the colors look nice on you. love the lipstick color

  5. You should do more transition outfits this was awesome

  6. You are more beautiful without makeup.

  7. I love your new look!! You look stunning! thank you for the awesome and beautiful outfit ideas!!

  8. I'm so in love with your hair!

  9. The false lashes makes you look cheap.I think you are better off witthout it.

  10. First off that lip color looks gorgeous on you, and second, I love that makeup (all of it) is it available at target right now?

  11. Sorry, forgot to add this to my last post. What are your recommendations to help prevent your gel eyeliner from smudging to the top of your lids? I am Asian and I guess my eyelids are super duper oily? so after I put on my gel eyeliner it tends to smudge to the upper parts of my lids after a few hours making my light color eyeshadow dark…. please help! thanks!!

  12. Hey Ann! Where did you get your top? I love the color and flow 🙂

  13. Beautiful makeup Ann, that lip color is wonderful!!!

  14. j'aime beaucoup !
    kiss from France and Morocco 😀

  15. aka your Unicorn DIY Tutorial

  16. Berry colored lipstick looks so good on you!!

  17. Ann, I just saw on your Twitter that Harley got snatched by a coyote. I am sorry for your loss?? you only had him for a couple months.

  18. I love this! I remember subbing tonyou because i love the way you do classy lookbooks back when you were in the east coast.

  19. beautiful fall look +lips!!!!! love itttt hehe

  20. oh my god you look so amazing. I take my facebook comment back 😀 I was so wrong. This berry color is making you look more beautiful. Spell Bound. And that red coat though. <3

  21. miss ur videos
    make more please especially girly stuff?

  22. can u please do a diy no sew Louise hate from Bob's burgers because I really want to be her for Halloween and I don't know where to buy one

  23. Yah the berry color is amazing on you

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