Suzie Learns the One Stroke Technique

Suzie’s guest Olga Khazova teaches her the secrets of how to create beautiful 3D looking flowers using the One Stroke Technique.

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  1. That teal colour on Olga's nails is such a stunning colour

  2. So beautiful and artistic, and it's not a nail sticker!

  3. Suzie, I would love to see more videos of your students doing your nails. I find it very interesting to see people’s personal techniques and styles they develop when learning, and I think it would also be a great way for them to learn more. ♥️?

  4. Not my aesthetic at all, but I appreciative the skill and patience.

  5. Olga did a lovely design on your nails. I was upset that during the first 1/3 of the video that you Suzie (who was to be the student) kept interrupting Olga and jumping ahead several steps. For a watcher it confused me on the actual steps. I am glad to see this one stroke or Tole method of painting find its was into nail art. Thank you Olga for sharing your knowledge and creating lovely nails!

  6. Those are amazing! She is insanely talented! I would love to see her work with you again!

  7. I wanna see you and Naio nails! Omg that would be awesome. You did a great job! ❤

  8. I love her nails and her flowers is so beautiful

  9. Oh! This is One Stroke Painting by Donna Dewberry but on nails! I remember my mom used to paint using this technique!! Man, I had not heard that "push and pull" term in a LONG time haha I'm gonna HAVE to how this to my mom!

  10. You are so amazing Suzie. I live how you are so supportive of other artists. Would love to see you collab with Robin Moses and do something like 'our fav tips and tricks for beginners' or something… In my opinion it would be like the God mothers of the nail industry coming together to teach us thirsty students here on YouTube with their amazing techniques! That would be such a bomb video!

  11. Not seeing the whole concept of what you guys are showing I understand there one stroke but my God I don't understand Susie wasn't working for me

  12. “I love accents!” ????
    Sis, you have an accent too!!!


  14. What should I do if I notice a nail technician doing doing a harmful technique to my nails.

  15. Suzie looks really naturally extra hot in this video

  16. Reminds me of donna dewberry and toll house painting

  17. Olga,that accent reminds me of Russia. Lol. I was adopted from Russia when I was 9 yrs old and really don't have an accent. Only when I am super mad. ? love your work. You got a new subscriber on your channel. ??

  18. My hand is shaking and I'm not even doing the nail ! Wow what an art !

  19. Dixie yours turned out even better!

  20. I would love a tutorial on the nails Olga is wearing!!

  21. when I was a kid, I'd spend like, hours on the weekend watching Donna Dewberry do one stroke painting on tv. She had just the most chill energy.

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