Thanksgiving Nails!! 3 Easy Designs


  1. instead of cherry pie im doing pumpkin pie

  2. i changed my mind its the 2nd one

  3. the pocahontas nails were my fave

  4. I love the numbers 2 & 3 designs!! °3°

  5. these would look better with a matte top coat. like if you agree!💅

  6. I like ur nails there small like mines

  7. all of your nails rhat you did where cool

  8. My favorite is the Cherry Pie nails!!!!!

  9. the cherry pie  think in best its cute I did it and I love it

  10. Love all of them 😍

  11. i like the first design that you did that is so cute is that so pose to be a turkey

  12. i like cherry pie best

  13. Hey girl can you tell me what brand and name that brush is your using in the first tutorial? I can't find any that small, I only can find long stripers 🙁 I want that tiny one!

  14. I like.the second one the best.

  15. I like them all my fav is pocohantes

  16. Cherry pie!!!😍🍰

  17. cherry because I love the red. BUt i also love the nude color

  18. 1st is the best!! 🙂 i did it on my nails and it looks pretty

  19. happy thanks giving everyone!1

  20. please make more vlogs! 🙂

  21. Ur nails are so short

  22. these designs are so cute! pls check out my channel 🙂 

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