The Best of Holiday Hair Accessories

Here’s a little list of the best of Holiday Hair Accessories. It’s basically a haul of all my favorites for Christmas!

I hope you guys get some great inspo on what hair bits and bobs to pick up this year!

—⟣What I Mentioned:⟢—
-Christmas Decor: Target
-Reindeer Headband: Asos
-Kohls Lauren Conrad Hair Accessories
-Chloe & Isabel’s Jen Atkin Hair line


  1. I love hearing more about hair accessories!

  2. I really like your makeup on this video ?

  3. What should we ask for at hair salon if we want colour like yours? 🙂

  4. I'm absolutely adoring the glam/ holiday party looks for 2017/2018 for long hair and would looooove to see more of them!

  5. "…and if it calls to you, answer the call and buy!" xD best line I've heard in a long time 😀

  6. 4:30 hold up….. THAT'S how you use those?????? Girl, I'm a 90's kid and I NEVER knew how you were supposed to wear those!!! I always tried to use them as elastics! :p

  7. Drive hear how view distinct precisely truck seemingly herb white fully friend.

  8. Can you please let us know by a tutorial on how you did your hair that was in the intro.. Its looks so casual and simply pretty!!❤

  9. You are AMAZING, Kayley! More videos like this, about hair care, products, and DIY please!
    Love you!
    Hugs from Ukraine ♥

  10. Stop by your local Cost Plus World Market, they carry a lot of hair accessories and clothes, which sounds weird if you know the kind of store it is. And everything is on sale. There's not a lot of stores but if you're lucky you have one near you ?

  11. LOVE that reindeer headband! Sadly, I think they're all gone, I don't see it on Asos. So cute though! Great video as ALWAYS!

  12. Dear Kayley, could you be so kind and tell us the secret of your incredible glowy cheeks? I love the combination of glow and very subtle blush <3

  13. You're such a beautiful and smart woman ? I love your videos and your hair looks just so effortless❤love it

  14. Pleas do a makeup tutorial on this look!

  15. I absolutely loved this video!!! I love how you have picked really great accessories and showed GREAT pictures of different hairstyles using them.

  16. Could you please! Do a video on holiday hair/hats for short hair with your wig? I'm out of ideas for the holiday's love from Holland?

  17. I really love your voluminous roots! How did you get them, especially in the bangs area?

  18. When you "like" the video before you even watch it hahah

  19. Best video ever so many tips and ideas plz do moooorrrreeeeeee love you xoxoxo again best video everrrrrrrrrr

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