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  1. My eyes are the exact same way as yours! So thank you and I'm so glad I found this older video. I am so thankful how you take time to teach people how and why to apply makeup! Def a real mua! xoxo

  2. I really love the way you do your base ??

  3. She looks like Angelea Preston from ANTM

  4. I thought it was impossible to do a cut crease on a small lid space like mine. Saving my life, will try this tomorrow definitely. Im new to your channel btw! Xoxo ?

  5. i did this exact look for my year 10 formal last year haha i love the way you did it though. mine was much more natural

  6. oh my god you are so beautiful ???

  7. My eyelids fold so much(they aren't hooded just flappy), that my tear duct/inner corner isn't visible. Does anyone else have this? Or maybe I'm just an alien.

  8. Inglot always my favorite liner..and chromaline by mac which I finally got my hands on been sold out 4-eva

  9. please do more tutorials w/ this palette!

  10. why do girls love drag queen make-up?

    it's for men to look like women, so girls just need to stop…
    not hating on her btw, its the style. It needs to go.

  11. i was looking at my old pics and I didnt use to have hooded eyelids..but now I do and it has been tough to get the look that I want. thanks for making this video !

  12. You are so funny and beautiful. I love your vids.

  13. "I want to be able to eat cereal out of the depthness of my crease." ?❤

  14. YAS!! can never get eough of Desi!

  15. Dessi you're awesome! Love your ideas… my fave!

  16. I am in love with this look and every look that looks like this. I wish you would do more like this with natural colors. Pls Pls Pls

  17. Love you so much what a goddess you are ?????

  18. Do you wear coloured contacts? They look like that! And where are they from??

  19. I'm so gonna be trying this look out for next weekend!! Thanks doll xx

  20. How long are slayla lashes compared to iconic a?

  21. I use house of lashes glue for my false lashes and i can never fully take the glue off after the day is done, does anyone have any suggestions?

  22. This was an amazingly done!! Thank you definitely needed help defining cut creases!!!

  23. Desi does the best cut crease tutorial on youtube?????

  24. how are you so gorgeous wooooooooah

  25. Its so weird seeing you not use house of lashes iconics lol, im so used to it so when i see something different its like the world stop like "Saaayyy whaaatt?"

  26. every time i look at your video i love your makeup annnnd you nail color pleas what you nail color 🙂

  27. What contacts is she wearing? Thx!

  28. can you do a eye brush giveaway please? 🙂 not on IG, on snap chat or youtube.

  29. Hasta luego, que te vaya bien lmao ??

  30. You are extremely talented. This is art. Love the makeup! Thanks for sharing x

  31. Desi you are my spirit animal! I feel so inspired by your make up looks, and you're lit my greatest inspiration on makeup, please never stop loving what you do, and dont forget we love you 2 ♥️♥️♥️

  32. OMG…this is the most beautiful cut crease EVER!!! Since I've gotten older my eyelids have become more hooded, way more actually and I've been practicing this look You're such a great instructor with mad skills. As always, thank you for sharing your expertise and love of makeup. xoxo

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