Trying Remi Ashten’s Diet & Workout To LOSE WEIGHT !!


  1. I Did the TRYING VICTORIA SECRET MODEL DIET AND WORKOUT Come check it out here:

  2. Love this video. I’m thinking of doing one on my channel as well.

  3. But where’s the soul cycle class? ?

  4. At 12:35 did anyone else noticed the gold leaf in her food

  5. I love that you try all these diets out for us but I think its really bad for your body to be constantly switching u really could try keeping a constant diet so you don’t stuff your body around

  6. There are barely any carbs how are you not hungry

  7. Remi is one of my favorite YouTubers. I really love this video. Watched some of your videos and im hooked.

  8. Gabbie Hanna please! She’s my favorite❤️

  9. do a whitney simmons workout!

  10. That iPhone alarm had me on edge

  11. you need to activate your glutes before you do glute exercises,just so you know .Also, dont do that much cardio every day because our bodies are very adaptive

  12. do loren gray diet + workouts !!

  13. Yaas! Victoria Secret Models diet & workout!!

  14. The last video you had done I said should do remis routine love your videos

  15. Wheres the seasoning on that toast girl???

  16. Yes! To the VS.. and then do Natacha Océane please love ur vids

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