Ugly Christmas Sweater Nails

Limited edition Happy Holodays sweaters are now DONE for the season!


♥ Red polish: Here
♥ Green polish: Here
♥ Navy blue polish: Here
♥ Holo top coat: Here
♥ Nail vinyls I would have used: Here
♥ Vinyls I used: Here
♥ Nail art mat: Here
♥ Striping tape: Here
♥ Nail art brushes:
♥ Clear nail polish: Here
♥ Clean-up brush: Here
♥ Liquid latex: Here
♥ White polish: Here
♥ Acrylic paint: Here
♥ Peel-off base coat: Here
♥ Quick-dry glossy top coat: Here


  1. Try a not my arms nail polishing vid wit BEEEENNNNN!

  2. Cristine. I belive you meant "sleigh" instead of "slay".

  3. I bought a sweater last year but I never got it.. ;-;

  4. yea so here's the deal i ordered a holoday sweatshirt for my wife an haven't received it has been about 4 weeks now and I'm curious as to why

  5. Funny thing, this was uploaded on my birthday last year 🙂

  6. If they are atheists, why do they celebrate Christmas? I’m not hating just curious

  7. if you spell Christine's name C-H-R-I-S-T-I-N-E you are a true fan

  8. There is no holo on the Christmas sweater T^T

  9. The link keeps bringing me to all these ads
    Like one after the other ?

  10. You forgot the holo on the happy holo days sweater 🙁

  11. Dude spray your cloths with hole glitter perfume.

  12. Is that how you pronounce decal?

  13. Liked this just for the song at the beginning ??? Jk love the whole bit know that song is stuck in my head…DARNIT YOUR UNBELIEVABLE TALNE CRISTINE!!!

  14. Simply Nailogical , just take your holo glitter and then dump it in in you dryer or washing machine and WALA you have holo clothes. "ive done this with regural glitter before lol"

  15. Exactly one year from this day. This video was posted

  16. Who's watching in Nov. 12 2017 lol

  17. What if I’m brasilian and it’s summer on December??☹️

  18. hmm… pickup paint porn? ……….

  19. There was a Starbucks ad under this video for me. I think they know you very well.

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