Upper Body Workout | 10-Minute Workout | Class FitSugar

It’s time to get fit for 2013! We got the entire team together to take you through an upper-body workout. Start with our active warmup and cardio workout, follow it with our lower-body workout, and then do this 10-minute routine for your arms and back. Grab a set of weights between five and 10 pounds, press play, and get ready to feel the burn.


  1. Very nice, it just feels like you actually taking the class with her in person

  2. My first time working out to this video but I'm definitely going to do it every day

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  5. This is more challenging than the 5 min sexy arms but I try at least.

  6. Just added this to my favorites. Really great arm workout, I will do this frequently.

  7. Great workout in ten minutes – the countdown timer is a bonus, helps t stay focussed!

  8. Upright rows are a very dangerous exercise for shoulder injury!

  9. I use resistance bands with this work out

  10. I use resistance bands with this work out

  11. I really like this workout, as well as others with you ladies, BUT! Can we please do this without the subtle body shaming? "These are the good tank top muscles!" Really? Please, ladies, I already look great in my tank tops. When can we finally see exercise as something that helps you build strength, feel better, be healthier instead of a way to manipulate your body size!? Movement and exercise is great for people of all sizes and body types!

  12. flipping he im a begginner and that was the hardest thing in the world!!! my arms, shoulders, side of the chest and wrists all ache so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. OMG!!!! I feel the burn!

  14. the last move set it off! thanks 🙂

  15. fabulous workout! thanks so much! 😀

  16. I like this video for the arm exercises a lot. It 's just a little annoying at first watching the girl in the dark blue top on the left, constantly looking over at the girl on far right in light blue top. Other than that, this is a great video!

  17. Thank you so much for this 10 minute workout,  Its just what I need.

  18. Waste of time… the weight is too light….. take more weight and do less repetition….. if you  you want to loose your belly fat

  19. I did this with only 3 pound weights and I'm so sore. I guess I'm horribly weak.

  20. Cool…I'm gone use this workout for my female clients

  21. Is there a longer version of this workout? I LOVE IT

  22. Thanks ladies I DEFINITELY felt the burn

  23. great workout except Zelana is lifting her arms way too high when performing the side raise and one arm goes higher than the other. displays improper form and could potentially harm ones shoulders. 

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  31. How can you calculate how many calories you've burnt?

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  34. Did my regular cardio I do everyday and added one of your videos to each day. Love that they are only ten minutes so its easy to get some strength training in. Thanks so much girls. Keep it up!

  35. How many times in the week? Please

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